Luke Jackson plans to tame Jackal at Windsor Park

Luke Jackson
Luke Jackson

Luke Jackson is ready to rock Carl Frampton’s world at Windsor Park on Saturday night.

The Australian has jetted in to challenge Frampton for the Tigers Bay Featherweight’s WBO Interim World title looking to derail ‘The Jackal’ bandwagon in front of a packed National Stadium.

Jackson comes in to the fight as a huge underdog - but he says he is looking to take everything away from the Belfast fighter.

“Money does not make the world go round but it helps you have a better life.

“And I would love to do that for my family. I see the stuff Carl has and I want that.

“I see he has got the nice cars and a new house and that is what I want.

“He knows I want that and that is why he will be training very hard for this fight.”

And Jackson is sure he can get the job done and stun the crowd at Windsor Park.

“This is a huge opportunity for me to fight Carl Frampton at Windsor Park and I am ready to grab it with both hands.

“I’ve trained hard for this and I’ve made all this happen myself.

“I’ve had no hand-outs no freebies, no rich parents, nothing like that and I’ve worked hard and I’m proud of myself.

“It hasn’t come easy and I’ve worked hard and I deserve to be here.

“I’m ready to shock the world and cause a major upset and I feel this is my destiny.

“I’m just appreciating every day and not taking it for granted because I know it will be over one day and this is a big moment for me and my family and I’m looking to win and change our lives,” he said to BBC NI.