OLYMPIC BOXING: Ireland coach Zaur Antia furious after Katie Taylor loses in Rio

Finland's Mira Potkone (right) fights Ireland's Katie Taylor
Finland's Mira Potkone (right) fights Ireland's Katie Taylor

Ireland head coach Zaur Antia was furious following Katie Taylor’s shock quarter-final defeat in Rio on Monday.

Taylor was beaten in her opening fight of her Olympic title defence by Mira Potkonenon on a split decision decided by a judges preference pick.

A clearly angry Antia was far from happy after the decision had been announced.

“She [Taylor] did not lose fight, that’s it.

“She won the fight, first round she won, second round was very close, could go both ways, Katie wasn’t great, but third and fourth rounds she won the fight.

“She had good skills, sidesteps, great punches. What else can she do? Nobody can convince me that this fight Katie lost.

“Then I would say I have no experience and I don’t know boxing.

“When it is a close fight I say it is… this wasn’t close. The second round yes, was close.

“Boxing is hit, don’t get hit, Katie hit more. Two times more than she got back. What more can she do?”

“You see her corner, they were not happy because they were not sure, they had no confidence. When they raise her hand you see how they jump.b What more do you need?”