Paddy Gallagher looking to shine at Waterfront Hall

Belfast's Paddy Gallagher
Belfast's Paddy Gallagher

Paddy Gallagher will look to make an impression on the ‘All on the Line’ bill at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast on November 20.

And Gallagher says he is gutted that he won’t be fighting for a Celtic title on the night.

“We were offered a hard fight, an exciting fight for the Celtic Title. We accepted it, but I don’t know why they didn’t take it, whether the money wasn’t right or they had other commitments.

“I have had two defeats within eight fights, so it could seem like I have a bad record if I have another loss.

“But those losses both came on the same night, in Prizefighter.”

“It was a dramatic night, so they don’t really count. It may seem like I need to win, but it’s not life or death.

“I would like a title fight or a good fight with a tough opponent with a good record. Someone who is really going to push me so I can show people what I really do have.”

Tickets for ‘All on the Line’ are available from £35 and can be bought from: The boxers involved or or or by calling 028 9033 4400.