Ryan Burnett closing in on Belfast World title showdown

Ryan Burnett
Ryan Burnett

Ryan Burnett will fight in Leeds on July 30 before setting his sights on a World title fight in the coming months.

Burnett - the current British, WBO European and WBC International bantamweight champion - will fight in Leeds on the undercard of Josh Warrington’s WBC International Featherweight title clash against Patrick Hyland.

Burnett has been moved along quickly by trainer Adam Booth and promoter Eddie Hearn and the Matchroom chief says the future is bright and he hopes his fighter will face the winner of Stuart Hall and Lee Haskins.

“We’ve got Stuart Hall against Lee Haskins which I’ve just won the purse bids for. I want Burnett to fight the winner of that fight.

“There’s a three-fight plan now for Ryan Burnett. To box on July 30, then again in September, then again in December - and then he’s ready to fight for the world title.

“I want to take Ryan Burnett to Belfast when he’s challenging for a world title - and that will come in February or March next year.

“We have these three fights then he’s ready for any of the champions.”

And Burnett says he is excited about the future - and sometimes he finds it hard to take on board that a World title shot is just around the corner.

“Sometimes I have to pinch myself the way things are rolling on but it is great and at the press conference for the Warrington bill - he said that ‘I was on the bill and I was closing in on a World title shot.’

“It all seems a bit mad that people are talking about me like that.

“But I am really happy with the way things are going at the minute - but it is up to me to keep my head down and work hard.”

Promoter Hearn has talked about Burnett headlining shows in Belfast and Burnett admits his home city is buzzing at the minute.

“There are loads of great fighters in Belfast and it will work well when Eddie brings the shows and Sky cameras over.

“I will be demanding that I headline shows in Belfast. That is what I want and thankfully I have the perfect team behind me in Eddie Hearn and Adam Booth.”

And Burnett says working with trainer Booth has taken him to the next level as a fighter.

“I have always said that I knew loads about boxing but since I have started working with Adam it has completely taken off.

“I cannot believe the stuff he has taught me and I have learned very quickly that I knew very little about boxing.

“He has opened my eyes to what boxing is all about.”

And Burnett admits training alongside the likes of former World champion Andy Lee has brought his game on.

“Working with Andy and the other guys in the gym is great. We are a close knit group and we all help each other.

“Andy is a former World champion. He has been there and done it and he has been in the game a long time.

“If I am not learning off Adam or Andy then I am learning off the other guys in the gym.”