Santa Cruz is on Carl Frampton radar

Carl Frampton with Hugo Cazares
Carl Frampton with Hugo Cazares

Carl Frampton has the world in his hands after his demolition job against Hugo Cazares at the Odyssey on Friday night.

The Tigers Bay super-bantamweight took out the Mexican in less than two rounds of their Final Eliminator for the WBC World title after landing a huge left hook.

A super-fight with WBC champion Leo Santa cruz is next on the hit-list and manager Barry McGuigan says they have been looking at venues for the World title fight.

“We move onto the next one and the next one is the big one and the one that really matters. Showtime are interested in Carl,

“HBO are also interested in Carl but we want Santa Cruz and he is with Showtime so that is the way we are going, so we are talking to them.

“Santa Cruz really wants to fight Carl, he desperate to fight Carl and my only concern with that is is would be on the undercard of a Floyd Mayweather fight and the fans would have to travel.

“But we have reached that stage of his career and all these fights are very important and Carl is prepared to travel.

“It does not matter where he fights. East coast, west coast or Las Vegas - it does not matter.”

“We could still fight here and we could put 15000 to 20000 people in, over here.

“We are looking at loads of venues. We are looking at Ravenhill and the outside arena at the King’s Hall.

“We would like it to be here but we have to wait and see.

“The big money is in America and Carl has always wanted to fight over there.”

On Friday night Cazares complained that he had misheard the count but Frampton joked that he should have made the count.

“It was a normal count and I know he doesn’t speak English but he has been around the game long enough to be able to count to ten in English.

“He was confused and did not know what was happening. That happens when you take a big shot to the head.

“It was early in the round so I would had plenty of time to finish the job if he had got back up.”

And Frampton says he would love to face WBC Champion Leo Santa Cruz in Belfast - but he doesn’t mind travelling to America.

“I have always dreamed of fighting in America. I would love to fight on a big bill over there.

“I don’t think anything in the USA would be as noisy or passionate as the fans in Belfast but it would be good to let the fans over there have a look at me

“If the fight is here or in America the atmosphere will be great because a big crowd will travel to see me in America and they will be noisy as all the Americans,” he added.

And ‘The Jackal’ says he remembers very little about the knock-out punch.

“I thought I would have stopped him after eight or nine rounds - because he is a tough guy.

“But it shows if I hit these guys clean, they are going down.

“If you keep knocking people out you are adding to the confidence and I am a big believer in my power and I know that no-matter hos tough the fight is Ialways have a chance because I have that KO power.

“It looked good when I watched it later on the television.

“He threw a jab and I moved outside it and threw the shot.

“I can’t really remember it – but neither can he. It looked the part and got the job done.”