Shane McGuigan knows Conrad Cummings will improve after Celtic title clash

Conrad Cummings and Alfredo Meli in action at the Waterfront Hall
Conrad Cummings and Alfredo Meli in action at the Waterfront Hall

Trainer Shane McGuigan admitted that Conrad Cummings was not on form after his fight at the Waterfront Hall on Friday night.

Middleweight Cummings got a majority draw decision in his ten round Celtic title clash against Alfredo Meli and McGuigan says Cummings will not have been happy with his performance.

“It was not the performance we wanted from him and it was not the performance he wanted from himself.

“I thought he was down one or two rounds going into the last three but I thought he won the fight by one, or possible two rounds.

“But he got caught with some stupid shots, was square on and loaded up a few times.

“We have been trying to take those things away from him in training but it is one thing doing it in the gym and another thing doing it in the ring.

“But Meli is a great wee fighter and he would give anyone trouble,” he added.

And McGuigan says Friday’s fight has not changed their plan for Cummings.

“I always knew Fredo was a hard fight and I knew it was a fight Conrad had to win to go up to that next level.

“There is no point going to the next level if you can’t get past the Meli’s of this world.

“But you have to get through these things and come back more determined to make it to the bigger stage,” added McGuigan.