Tempers flare ahead of Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg World title clash

Barry McGuigan, Carl Frampton, Scott Quigg and Eddie Hearn
Barry McGuigan, Carl Frampton, Scott Quigg and Eddie Hearn

Carl Frampton breezed his way through Thursday’s final press conference in Manchester ahead of Saturday night’s super-fight against Scott Quigg.

There were more verbals from both camps as tempers and stress levels multiplied as they argued over who would get the home dressing room.

Frampton, Quigg, Barry McGuigan, Shane McGuigan, Eddie Hearn and Joe Gallagher all had their say and ‘The Jackal’ with a smile on his face while insisting that he was not for moving.

“I am not going to give in. Potentially I may not fight. I am not going to give in here,” he declared.

“I have visions of Scott sleeping in the dressing room on a camp bed so that he gets the dressing room. I would not put that past him – because he is that superstitious.”

And a relaxed Frampton admitted it was just a storm in a tea cup before the two super-bantamweights do batle for the IBF and WBA World titles in the Manchester Arena.

“This is just stupid stuff. We have come up with a solution, where you lock the door of the dressing room and we both go into different dressing rooms,” Frampton added.

“But Quigg has so many superstitions, it is unreal, and they have embarrassed themselves.

“If he backs himself so much and he believes he is the fighter he thinks he is – why does it matter what dressing room he gets changed in?

“But either I am in the dressing room as the ‘A’ side, or no-one’s in it. Just lock the door and both of us go to different rooms. Simple.”

And Frampton says he is bored with the rantings of Quigg and his camp – and says their tactics have not worked.

“They have been very disrespectful since day one and they have been saying things to get under our skin from the very start.

“I am just playing the game, but these guys are losing it. You saw that today and it has not worked. It has worked against them.

“I am just sitting back and laughing. I think it is hilarious, if I’m honest. It’s all a game and I’m playing the game.”

Frampton has mentioned in the build-up to the fight that he will out-box and out smart Quigg when they finally meet but ‘The Jackal’ insists he is not over-confident and has not overlooked Quigg before they clash.

“I don’t think I have. I don’t think he has ever shown that he can box intelligently.

“He does the same thing every single fight and I have never seen him change in the fights I have watched.

“He is a good fighter and I wasn’t trying to put the guy down but I just think I have the better boxing brain and ring intelligence.

“I just have a better boxing brain and that is plain and simple.”

Quigg and his team have suggested that the Belfast fighter is struggling to make the weight for today’s weigh-in, but Frampton says that is not the case.

“If you want to ask any of the British Board of Control members about my weight because I did my check weigh-in on Wednesday and I was well within the limit they set. I was well inside it and I have done everything correctly this time and everything has been perfect and there are no issues with my weight.

“I think Sky’s Johnny Nelson said something about me not sweating at the public workout on the paddles, in a shopping centre for two minutes with shorts and a t-shirt on.

“What does he want me to do? Sweat buckets? Believe me – I am fine on the weight and am looking forward to putting the record straight.”