Tommy McCarthy ready for Courtney Fry threat in Belfast

Tommy CCarthy and Courtney Fry
Tommy CCarthy and Courtney Fry

There were smiles and jokes at Friday’s weigh-in before the clash between Tommy McCarthy and Courtney Fry but the laughing will have stop when the first bell goes on Saturday night at the Feilte Marquee in Belfast.

McCarthy and Fry both looked relaxed - but focused - as they get ready for the clash just off the Fall’s Road.

The fight is also a case of youth against experience as McCarthy is only taking part in his sixth fight as a professional, while Fry has been involved in 26 fights to date.

Both fighters looked chilled out at the weigh-in - but once the first bell rings Fry says that will be put to one side.

“That is why I love boxing. You have the build-up that can be relaxed and then you get in the ring and go to war.

“And then at the end you shake hands or hug and move on.

“I am here to win, if I start to become just an opponent or a journeyman, that’s it for me. I have not watched McCarthy but I don’t usually look at my opponents.

“I will go in there and use my boxing skills and play it by ear. But a boxer always beats a fighter - so I am here to win this fight and see where it takes me,” he added.

But McCarthy is determined not to let Fry derail his ambitions of a major title in the coming months.

“Saturday night it all happens and I have had seven weeks of hard training, so now I just have to get the job done.

“Both of us have a lot on the line as he is getting in the ring with a novice who has just five fights - so it will not be good for him if he loses.

“I am also here to win and I will win, I am extremely confident of victory,” he added.

Also on the bill tonight Alfredo Meli will take on Rhys Pagan for the Celtic Nations Middleweight title.

Paddy Gallagher will lock horns again with William Warburton, while Paul Quinn is up against Martin Mubiru, Joe Fitzpatrick faces Zoltan Horvath and Tyrone McKenna tackles Kevin McCauley.