Tyrone McKenna is losing at SSE Arena says Jack Catterall

Tyrone McKenna
Tyrone McKenna

Ex British light-welter king Jack Catterall does not lack confidence.

The power-packed Chorley southpaw is currently ranked fifth and rising in the queue to face WBO boss Maurice Hooker from Dallas.

However, this weekend, ‘El Gato’gambles all against a much avoided 6ft 1in southpaw performing in their home city.

When said southpaw ex-amateur standout Tyrone McKenna and the home crowd hails from Belfast, the task clearly magnifies.

“Beating Tyrone in his own backyard will just make the victory so much sweeter,’ quips the clearly non-plussed Lancastrian who has eliminated all 21 prior pro opponents, stopping a dozen.

“I’ve never been to Belfast so that’s a new experience but I’m very aware of how hostile the Fighting Irish crowd is. I don’t particularly want any cups of p*** chucked over me but I’m actually excited by experiencing their passion.

“They’re a proper fight crowd who’ll make a lot of noise and, whether that’s for me or their man Tyrone, it’s a good thing.’

It isn’t just the crowd that Catterall will need to conquer. McKenna is a six-time All-Ireland amateur champion and Junior Olympic medallist who has also swept all before him since shedding his singlet.

“I’ve studied Tyrone a great deal yet I’ve never seen him in a fight against anyone good enough to cause him problems,’ claims the Jamie Moore coached fighter.

“We’ve been working on stuff we need to combat and expose the flaws McKenna’s known to have. He seems to keep his hands low yet his past history suggests that he’ll come to slug. Against me, that’s the wrong thing to do. Even if he TRIES to box me, he’ll soon return to type. I’ll not have to go looking for him.”