UFC: Gegard Mousasi out for revenge against Uriah Hall in Belfast

Uriah Hall
Uriah Hall

Gegard Mousasi is out for revenge when he faces Uriah Hall in UFC Fight Night: Mousasi v Hall 2 at the SSE Arena in Belfast on Saturday night.

Mousasi lost to Hall in 2015 in Japan and he wants to put the record straight on Saturday evening and says the fight-turning strike in the first fight was a fluke and the sound clip has been used to score the commercial promoting tonight’s rematch between the two.

“They came to me with this fight and I was in shape, I was ready to go and I wanted this fight,” Mousasi said in regards to how the fight came together.

“I got lucky a little bit because the main event fell off and I said in the media that I wanted this fight and I wanted to fight soon, so they contacted me and I said yes and he took the fight.

“It bugged me a lot that first fight, but I get the chance to fight him again. It doesn’t always go your way.

“I’ve had so many fights and this time, it went wrong for me. Is he a dangerous striker? Yeah. Can it happen again? Yes.

“Do I believe I’m the better fighter? Yes. Are the chances slim that he’s going to win? Yes.

“I’m not going to make the same mistakes simply because I’m not going to rush anything,” continued Mousasi, assessing what went wrong the first time around.

“I think last time, I rushed in – I wanted to destroy him; to go through him – but this time, I’m going to take my time.

“I’m going to be sharp. I’m not going to make any mistakes for him to capitalize on, so that’s why I’m very comfortable that I’m going to win.

“I’m not an actor and I’m not trying to be somebody else; I’m just being me.

I think people just appreciate (honesty),” he added with a pause.

“Or they don’t because whatever you do, people are either going to like you or not like you and I can’t satisfy everybody.

“This is a big fight and I am up for this one,” he added.