War of words erupts as Carl Frampton comes face-to-face with challenger Chris Avalos

Carl Frampton pictured at Thursday's press conference
Carl Frampton pictured at Thursday's press conference

A war of words erupted at the first press conference for Carl Frampton’s showdown with Chris Avalos at the Odyssey Arena on February 28.

Belfast fighter Frampton will defend his IBF Super-bantamweight title against the confident and brash American.

And if Thursday’s meeting is anything to go by, local fight fans are in for a treat at the Belfast venue.

Avalos – who will be quite a handful for ‘The Jackal’ if he fights as well as he talks – insists he has no fears about facing Frampton in the ring.

“He is a weak punk. I will knock him out in six rounds. He knows it and I know it,” he confidently predicted.

“That is what will happen on February 28.”

A smiling Frampton retorted: “All of you have heard him. And all of you can remind him of those words after I knock him out on February 28.”

The American says the Belfast crowd will have no effect on him when he hears the first bell at the Odyssey.

“All you guys will shout and make noise – but it does not matter. All that matters is the two of us in the ring and I am going to take his title. He knows it and I know it.

“That is what is going to happen and I will get my hands on the title,” he added.

Champion Frampton admits he was not surprised by Avalos’ behaviour.

“I expected that – an American big mouth and he did not disappoint me. He is very arrogant and dismissive of me as a fighter – but it’s all good.

“He showed me zero respect as a champion and he says he does not respect me as a fighter, but he will respect me when I hit him really hard in the first round.

“Look, I am motivated and I don’t need him talking rubbish to get me motivated.

“I have the belt and a young family and that is all the motivation I need.”