CRICKET: Donemana to appeal against sanctions

Andrew Riddles

Donemana are set to launch an appeal against sanctions imposed by the North West Cricket Union’s disciplinary committee following a controversial league match against Brigade.

It is believed the league and cup winners will confirm their appeal before Monday’s deadline.

Donemanas Andrew Riddles

Andrew Riddles, the all-rounder, was handed a six-match for a Level 3 offence relating to the tied match at The Holm while veteran Junior McBrine was given a two-match suspension for a second Level 1 offence of the season.

Both suspensions are due to begin at the start of the 2018 season.

Donemana had earlier accepted a charge of failing to control their players resulting in a 25-point deduction suspended for two years. The Holm side also received a £125 fine after being found guilty of failure to control their supporters.

Brigade had also been charged with failing to control their players but the disciplinary committee dismissed this charge.

The appeal hearing could happen next week.

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