CHARITY SHIELD: Linfield boss David Healy looks to keep on winning silverware

Linfield's players celebrate their victory over Coleraine
Linfield's players celebrate their victory over Coleraine

Linfield manager David Healy eas quietly pleased with what he witnessed during Saturday’s 3-1 Charity Shield win over Coleraine at the Oval.

Healy watched on as his team got their hands on another piece of silverware and the former Northern Ireland international is looking to keep on winning in the months ahead.

“We are unbeaten since January and I want us to go on and be unbeaten until January next year.

“That is the aim. Am I being ambitious? Slightly but that is the confidence I have in the dressing room and the confidence I have in the players.

“It is going to be difficult, teams have brought in new players and managers.

“But that is the aim I have given to the dressing room - to remain unbeaten as long as possible.

“Winning games breeds confidence,” he added.

And Healy was pleased to get his hands on another piece of silverware.

“People can say what they want about this trophy, but it puts it out there that Linfield are still winning and it was the same against Glentoran last weekend.

“I was desperate to win that penalty shoot-out because I want a winning mentality at this club.

“A few of these lads have played at clubs were you don’t always win things - so it is important if you are here that you are totally focused on winning things and the lads were focused today.”

Coleraine manager Oran Kearney says - that despite the result - he was pleased to get another 90 minutes for his players.

“I really wanted for us to be involved in this game.

“There was a question or two as to who was going to take on Linfield.

“I said to our Chairman to push on our behalf so that we were involved in it.

“No disrespect to any of the other pre-season games we play in, this is the one you want, especially a week before the season starts.

“It was a very good test for us and gets everyone up to speed.

“With their European exploits I think Linfield are slightly ahead of us at the moment.

“We played for about 65-70 minutes today, they played for 90, and that was probably the difference in the end.

“We struggled a bit in the last 20 minutes and I don’t think we were ever going to get back in the game.

“We’ve no injuries today which is a huge positive and we have got valuable time on legs.

“If we had played against lower league opposition today we wouldn’t have hit the heights.

“Whether you win or lose games in pre-season it doesn’t really matter, it’s all about the time spent on legs.

“You can’t force someone to run, but I noticed a distinct difference in our players today compared to the other games.

“It was great to see Josh Carson grab a goal, we need midfielders popping up with goals and getting into double figures for the season.”