EURO 2016: Wales Neil Taylor and Chris Gunter miss important dates to face Belgium

Wales' Neil Taylor celebrates
Wales' Neil Taylor celebrates

Neil Taylor has missed a date with pop star Beyonce while team-mate Chris Gunter may have to skip his brother’s wedding to pursue Wales’ Euro 2016 dream.

Gunter is in danger of missing his brother’s Mexico wedding, but Taylor has already had to sacrifice an engagement 24 hours ahead of Wales’ quarter-final with Belgium in Lille on Friday.

“I just saw Beyonce, Cardiff, and thought that would be great,” said Taylor.

“I didn’t even look at the dates.

“My wife said the tickets came through the post and said: ‘It’s the 30th Neil, that’s four days’ time’.

“I said, ‘okay, that’s a bit of a problem’.

“She is probably coming to the game so will have to miss it as well.

“But she has been once before so she won’t be too disappointed.”

Gunter’s problems are causing more of a family headache as his brother Marc, a huge Wales fan, set off for Mexico yesterday ahead of his wedding next week.

It is a ceremony the Gunter clan will miss if Wales beat Belgium and make it to the semi-final, with parents Gerald and Sarah choosing to stay in France rather than travel to Central America.

“It’s caused chaos – you wouldn’t begin to imagine the trouble it’s caused,” said Gunter.

“But it’s his own fault. He’d been to every game and he hasn’t been in work for a month.

“You speak to my parents and they’re fuming.

“The day of the wedding is the seventh, so I’m not sure what he’d do if we got to the final (on July 10).

“He might be divorced by then! But we will wait and see what happens.”