‘Gers captain Lee Wallace seeks clarity over goal celebrations

Rangers Lee Wallace
Rangers Lee Wallace

Rangers skipper Lee Wallace believes if he and his team-mates can put up with abuse from the stands then opposition fans should be able to cope with his side’s on-field celebrations.

The Gers captain was left frustrated earlier this week when team-mate Andy Halliday was controversially sent off during the 2-0 win at Morton. Halliday was shown a second yellow card by referee Barry Cook after aiming a fist pump in the direction of the home support as he celebrated his side’s second goal by Barrie McKay.

His manager Mark Warburton admitted he was bemused after the official later told him the gesture could have “incited a riot or trouble with the Morton fans”.

But Wallace claims fans need to have a thicker skin.

“We as players receive a lot worse than a fist pump or a celebration,” Wallace said.

“That’s part and parcel of the game. We’re thick-skinned and know each time we take to the field at an away venue we’re going to get it.

“We know each time we take to the street we’re going to get it. It’s a 24/7 lifestyle for us and we know we’re going to get abuse.”

Warburton has already confirmed he will be seeking clarity on the situation from the Scottish Football Association.

Wallace admits he would appreciate a clear explanation.

He said: “The referees are going to need to come to an agreement on what can be done in terms of celebrations.

“We know on one hand you can’t overdo it with the celebrations. The referees and police came in earlier in the season and discussed the safety procedures with us. We are well aware that taking your top off or anything like that will merit a yellow card.”