IRISH LEAGUE: Callaghan calling for debate over transfers

Carrick Rangers manager Aaron Callaghan. Pic by PressEye Ltd.
Carrick Rangers manager Aaron Callaghan. Pic by PressEye Ltd.

Carrick Rangers manager Aaron Callaghan is calling on officials to review pre-contract transfer agreements for “the good of the game”.

Andrew Mitchell and Garry Breen have confirmed high-profile moves this week to join, respectively, Glenavon and Cliftonville in the summer.

Callaghan is also facing up to the closing months of this campaign in the knowledge that striker Adam Salley looks set to switch to Carrick’s relegation rivals, Portadown, next season.

“I think the idea of a pre-contract agreement is wrong, ethically and morally,” said Callaghan. “I can understand a player attempting to protect his future and I can understand a manager trying to gain an edge as quickly as possible.

“I am not blaming the individuals as obviously pre-contract agreements stand within the current rules, I just think it is an issue which those running our sport should look at for the good of the game.

“It is an issue I would like to see raised and to hear the views of other managers.”

Callaghan has never signed a player on a pre-contract deal and holds concerns over the potential for damage to team spirit.

“It can raise problems within a squad I think and there may also be some resistance by supporters to a player who comes out in January confirming his plan to move to another club in the summer.

“I am not specifically talking about any individual deals, just the whole process does not sit well with me as a manager.

“People are entitled to work the system but I just feel there is a bigger issue.”