IRISH LEAGUE: Crusaders hit out at ‘highly irregular’ Josh Robinson saga

Josh Robinson celebrating a win in 2016 as a Crusaders player. Pic by PressEye Ltd.
Josh Robinson celebrating a win in 2016 as a Crusaders player. Pic by PressEye Ltd.

Crusaders have now released a statement outlining the club’s stance on the Josh Robinson transfer situation.

Robinson’s move to Linfield has been confirmed by the Blues and Irish Football Association in the aftermath of conflicting reports on Thursday night over social media.

Linfield and Crusaders both posted articles stating they had each signed Robinson following his release from York City.

Crusaders’ response to Linfield publishing pictures of Robinson and the IFA offering clarity via a statement on the registration timeline was to express a move to seek legal advice.

Now the Seaview officials have released the following:

“In light of the recent furore reference the signature of the above named player Crusaders FC wish to record the following;

“1. Mr Robinson approached Crusaders FC in May 2017 stating that York City had instructed him to “find another club” and that he was only interested in coming home to sign for Crusaders Football Club.

“2. Mr Robinson signed a FULL professional contract with Crusaders FC at the home of one of their directors in early June 2017 but asked that the contract be post dated until 29/6/17 to allow Mr Robinson the opportunity to negotiate a “pay off” from York City in lieu of the remainder of his contract with York City.

“3. The contract signed by Mr Robinson and directors of Crusaders FC was a standard IFA Form R1 STANDARD PROFESSIONAL CONTRACT and was fully completed and constitutes a contract of employment from 00.01 hours on 29/6/17.

“4. Mr Robinson returned to training with Crusaders FC and the full use of the club’s facilities both in “team training” and “individual training sessions”. His last training session being on Tuesday 27/6/17.

“5. Mr Robinson requested his new squad number from the staff at Crusaders FC and ordered training kit.

“6. Crusaders FC lodged the IFA form R1 with the IFA on 29/6/17 to register the player.

“7. On 30/6/17 the Irish Football Association confirmed by email that they could not register the player as he was already registered with Linfield Football Club.

“8. The club has sought senior legal consul on these matters and notwithstanding the registration issue, there has been a clear breach of contract by Mr Robinson in respect of his employment contract with Crusaders FC commencing 00.01 hrs on 29/6/17. Crusaders FC are considering their position in relation to their losses and damages in relation to this breach, and any third party or individual that has “induced” this breech of employment contract.

“9. The events of the last 24 hours are highly irregular and are to be discouraged, so must not go unchallenged for fear of setting a precedent.

“10. Crusaders FC staff, players, directors and supporters have been highly offended by the actions of Mr Robinson and the disrepute brought to Irish football in general and Crusaders FC in particular. His actions are in stark contrast to the rest of the playing squad and staff who have brought great pride to the Crusaders family over the past 24 hours.”