AN online row erupted last night after Glentoran footballer Leon Knight posted controversial comments regarding homosexuality.

Users of Twitter voiced their anger after Knight made a number of contentious remarks on the social networking site.

Knight appeared to be responding to news that US President Barack Obama had declared his support for same sex marriage when he Tweeted: “Each to their own but I don’t know how a man can be gay”.

The former Coleraine star then posted a number of controversial comments regarding homosexuality.

The outburst prompted a backlash from users of the social network site – including a number of his own followers – some calling for his sacking at Glentoran.

One user stated: “Please get shot of Leon Knight @Glentoran”.

Another added: “He’s proved himself no different from the morons who’ve dealt out racist abuse. how could you possibly have any sympathy for him.”

Another Twitter user said “Glentoran need to get shot of @leonknight82”, while another added: “If @LeonKnight82 had given out sectarian abuse, some of those defending him would be up in arms. So why is homophobia acceptable?”

Knight responded to the criticism by stating: “I had a little joke with the whole gay thing but don’t take it offensive ... Obama has signalled the green light so u lot are good to go”.

The striker appeared to receive some support on Twitter, with one follower commenting: “get over it ... the fella has an opinion, whether it’s right or not does not matter.”

It is not the first time Knight has attracted controversy using Twitter.

Back in February he became the first Irish League player to be suspended for comments made on the social network site.

Knight was then warned of his conduct by the Irish Football Association.

It is expected the IFA will investigate these latest comments while Glentoran Football Club are also expected to speak with the player.

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