LEAGUE CUP: ‘It was two footballing teams who passed the ball with quality’ says Stephen Baxter

Jordan Forsythe celebrates
Jordan Forsythe celebrates

Crusaders manager Stephen Baxter.

Are you pleased with how you responded tonight?

“The big winner here tonight was the Irish league. It was two footballing teams who passed the ball about with supreme quality.

“We answered a few of our critics tonight, they are people from within the game, who played the game and should know a lot better than to criticise our team the way they did at the weekend.

“We showed them how we play football with a stunning performance tonight, the way we knocked the ball about, carving out three goals and seven or eight other chances.

“We are very pleased with our performance, and we are not a one-trick pony I can tell you that.

Were you disappointed a handball wasn’t awarded for Coleraine’s first goal?

“When you see Brian respond like he did you think there might have been a problem with the goal.

“But it happens, but it happened early and we were able to regroup and pepper their goal.

“On the whole the game of football was the winner because Coleraine played some fabulous football, they have fabulous players and they work the ball forward quickly,” he added.