New director Douglas Park claims Rangers must drop victim mentality

Paul Murray, Dave King and John Gilligan at Ibrox last Friday
Paul Murray, Dave King and John Gilligan at Ibrox last Friday

New Rangers director Douglas Park claims it is time the Ibrox club dropped its victim mentality.

The bus tycoon was invited to join Dave King’s new-look board just hours after the Friday’s General Meeting swept the previous regime in charge of Gers out of power.

With King postponing his appointment as a director while he sets about proving to the football and City authorities that he is fit and proper, it will now fall to interim chairman Paul Murray, director John Gilligan and Park to start the rebuilding process.

But the new leadership team will also launch a forensic investigation into the club’s books as they seek to uncover why the Glasgow giant has burned through more than £70million in the past four years.

King has vowed to chase anyone found to have abused their position through the courts as he seeks justice for a club which has been put through the ringer since Craig Whyte claimed the Ibrox throne by handing former owner Sir David Murray a token £1 fee back in May 2011.

However, Park - whose Three Bears consortium played a crucial role in ousting the former board - says it is time the Light Blues took on a more bullish attitude.

In a statement given to Press Association Sport, he said: “It has been a long and difficult road but finally those of us who have campaigned for and supported regime change at Ibrox have succeeded. A new Board is being put in place and it is our intention to begin immediately the process of repairing the considerable damage caused to this great club by people who should never have been allowed anywhere near Rangers.

“It has been a struggle but some things are worth fighting for and now that Rangers are rid of the last of the previous board we have every right to look forward with hope instead of wondering each day what other outrageous or destructive decisions might be taken.

“This club has been badly neglected and it has been used for the benefit of individuals. There has been an absence of corporate governance and time will be required to study the various contracts and deals which have been put in place. If further shocks are lurking among the paper and electronic trails then so be it. They will have to be faced and dealt with appropriately.

“But the abuse of this club is at an end. Now it is about the future and I believe we can all lift our heads and look forward with optimism.

“Even though we haven’t had time to assess fully what requires to be done we are being asked to lay out our strategies for restoring Rangers to a prominent position but our intentions will be revealed in the weeks ahead. Nothing will be hidden from sight.

“The days of secrecy are over and for the moment questions about our plan for Rangers can be answered in one word: Victory. Victory however long and hard the road may be.

“We did not put in all this time and effort, or commit to providing funds only to lose the real battle. Of course there may be setbacks but we, Rangers fans, have shown that when we seek to achieve the same thing and work together the force generated can be pretty much unstoppable.

“I would like to add my personal and sincere thanks to every supporter who backed us. I will always be grateful and if we stand united and show Rangers’ true spirit we will succeed on all fronts.

“However, there can be no outlandish promises or unrealistic timescales, only a firm commitment to do what is best for Rangers at all times. Everyone, and not only Rangers fans, should be happy with that. Scottish football needs a healthy Rangers, a strong and robust Rangers championing our game at home and abroad.

“So even though there are obstacles to be negotiated this is not a time for hesitancy or fear. This is a time for fresh optimism and belief and if we stand shoulder to shoulder we will not fail.

“Let’s be proud of what has just been achieved. We have forced change, we have altered the club’s course and we have given Rangers a real opportunity to flourish and grow strong again.

“So we should now discard this notion that we are victims because the truth is we have not been defeated. We are still here. We are still standing. We are still Rangers and let no one forget we have a long, long history of victory.”