OPINION: Rangers no longer a name to entice management elite

Nicky Fullerton
Nicky Fullerton

I doubt if there will be a queue of managers standing at the doors of Ibrox after the sacking of Pedro Caixinha yesterday.

The Portuguese manager was given a red card by the Glasgow club after a poor start to the season.

Sunday’s 2-0 defeat to Motherwell in the semi-finals of the League Cup would not have helped his chances and then a 1-1 draw with that powerhouse of world football - Kilmarnock - sealed his fate.

And to be honest when he turned up at Ibrox I thought - who is Pedro Caixinha?

But then when Arsene Wenger turned up at Arsenal I thought the same thing - so I decided to give Caixinha the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe he would transform Rangers the way Wenger did in his early years at the Gunners?

That sadly was not the case because he always seemed like a square peg in a round hole and the Gers board thought the time was right to show him the door.

But who in their right mind would want the job?

Which big name manager in Europe would want to come to Scottish football to take charge of a club that is a shadow of it’s former self.

Rangers used to be a name that would have enticed the elite of the management world - but sadly those days are no-more with Celtic sparkling under Brendan Rodgers.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing would please me more than to see Rangers flying high like the days of old - but at this moment in time it seems far away.