RANGERS: Kyle Lafferty ruled out as Irish FA confirm they have invoked FIFA regulation

Rangers striker Kyle Lafferty.
Rangers striker Kyle Lafferty.

Rangers forward Kyle Lafferty has been ruled out of Sunday's game against Hamilton as the Irish FA confirmed they have invoked a FIFA regulation after the striker ruled himself out of the recent double header with Austria and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

In a statement released on Wednesday lunch time the IFA confirmed they had taken the steps 'as the player did not comply with the Association’s call up'.

The statement said: "The Irish FA has written to Rangers FC regarding Kyle Lafferty who was selected in the Northern Ireland squad for the UEFA Nations League matches against Austria and Bosnia & Herzegovina on 12 and 15 October 2018 respectively.

"As the player did not comply with the Association’s call up, the player is in breach and as a result, the Association is invoking the FIFA regulation (FIFA Regulations for the status and transfer of players, Annexe 1, Section 5).

"This states that ‘the player is not entitled to play for the club with which he is registered during the period for which he has been released or should have been released pursuant to the provisions of this annexe. This restriction on playing for the club shall, moreover, be prolonged by five days in the event that the player, for whatsoever reason, did not wish to or was unable to comply with the call-up’."

Northern Ireland boss Michael O'Neill was said to be angered by Lafferty's late withdrawal from the squad, citing an Achilles injury as the problem.

Lafferty called O’Neill at midnight to inform him he would not be travelling with the squad.

At the time O'Neill said he would: 'address the situation after the international period'.