Dave King believes he will take control of Ibrox club

Paul Murray
Paul Murray

Former Rangers director Dave King left no-one in any doubt that he is confident of victory in the forthcoming Extraordinary General Meeting when he will bid to unseat the current Ibrox board of directors.

Speaking at a Press Conference in Glasgow yesterday morning, the South African-

based businessman would not even contemplate the prospect of failure.

“I am very confident we will get more than the 50% support we need. The meeting should be called by Friday. I will then be back here in three weeks and in 23 days’ time and we will immediately have a new board of directors.

“Once the EGM is called it’s the end of the road as far as this board is concerned. I think it’s over.”

King issued a challenge to the current Board in respect of the probable costs of the meeting.

“I think the game is over and I think the board should recognise that, make the appointments, resign, and save spending the money on the EGM. It must be as clear to the board as it is to me that the outcome of the meeting is guaranteed.”

Despite his overwhelming belief in victory, King was prepared to contemplate the prospect of defeat, rejecting the suggestion that such a nightmare scenario would mean the end of the road for his prospects of gaining control at Rangers.

“If for some reason there is a turnaround and we lose by one or two per cent I would go back to the market place, buy another 5% and do it again - but I don’t think that will be necessary.”

On the day when the club announced an increase in their loan facility from Mike Ashley to £5million, King promised that there would be a detailed audit of all contracts between the club and the Newcastle United owner.

“Would we pay him back immediately? I don’t think so - no. I would expect there to be some money in the bank which is pleasant. We would complete a forensic investigation of all agreements and key contracts and if any individuals are found to have behaved improperly then it is important that they are held accountable.”

Meanwhile another former Rangers Director Paul Murray – one firmly in the Dave King camp – was keen to underline that should the ‘Three Bears’ consortium, together with Dave King, win power there will be no quick fix, no instant overnight solution to the club’s ills.

“What we can offer is total honesty, total transparency and total trust. We need to build this club back up brick by brick. Phase one is to stabilise the club and its’ finances and coaching structure, phase two is to rebuild the club and phase three over the longer term is to expand the club.

“The key focus is the future rather than the past and how to move forward. Our plans have short-term, medium-term and long-term priorities.”

There would be few with the best interests of the club at heart who would disagree with Paul Murray’s aims for the future.

“The last four years have been chaotic - but we now have a three-to- five-year plan to get us back to a level where we are competitive in the Champions League. In amongst the chaos, Rangers has lost its role not just in Scottish football but in European football.

“At one point, the club was a key player in terms of developing and enhancing football at a more strategic level. That will take time to rebuild again. What we will need as board members is patience and support.”