Rangers will learn from Livingston defeat says Steven Gerrard

Rangers' manager Steven Gerrard looks on against Livingston
Rangers' manager Steven Gerrard looks on against Livingston
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Rangers boss Steven Gerrard is still struggling to come to terms with defeat at Livingston, but he believes it will ultimately make him and his team better.

Gerrard had only lost to Celtic in 17 games as a manager, but his side found Livingston tough to break down on Sunday as they fell to a 1-0 loss.

Gerrard told Rangers TV: “I think we have learnt a lot about some individual players and about us as a team.

“When you are flying and things are good, individuals and the team get a lot of credit and praise. Sometimes a lot of small things get hidden amongst that, but I think after a defeat, away from home, a sore one, then you analyse it a little bit more and analyse individuals a little bit more.

“Some things smack you in the face and are made that little bit more obvious. There is a saying in football, ‘You learn more through defeat’ - and I can definitely understand that.”

The former Liverpool captain, whose side host Rapid Vienna in the Europa League tomorrow, added: “This defeat will improve me because I made a few mistakes within that game on Sunday as well.

“The first thing I do is I always analyse myself and my staff: What did we do? Did we do anything wrong? Could we have done anything different or better?

“You hope that your players go and do that themselves individually, because if you are a proper player then the first thing you do is self-reflect.”