SUPERCUPNI Fixtures for 2018

Manchester United great Phil Neville is expected to be at Coleraine Showgrounds on Saturday to watch the Red Devils Under 19s take on Celtic in a curtain raiser to next week's SuperCupNI.

Saturday, 21st July 2018, 7:00 am
Manchester United celebrate their 2017 success

Neville, manager of the England Woman’s International team, will run the eye over his son Harvey who is a member of the Manchester United squad.

Saturday’s game at Coleraine Showgrounds has a 5pm kick-off and marks the start of the SuperCupNI tournament which has competitions at Minor, Junior and Premier level this year.

A parade of teams will take place in the town centre on Sunday from 7pm with a welcome ceremony at the Showgrounds where former Northern Ireland international Gerry Armstrong will open the event.

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FIXTURES: Minor Section fixtures, venues & kick off times

All games are played at Ulster University, Coleraine


11:00 Portadown FC v West Ham United

11:30 Dungannon Swifts v Coleraine FC Academy

Noon Bertie Peacock Youths v Reeds FC

2:00 Greenisland FC v Ballinamallard United

2:30 Glenavon FC v Glentoran FC

3:00 Linfield FC v St Johnstone FC


11:00 Glenavon FC v Linfield FC

11:30 Glentoran FC v St Johnstone FC

Noon Greenisland FC v Bertie Peacock Youths

2:00 Dungannon Swifts v Portadown FC

2:30 Coleraine FC Academy v West Ham United

3:00 Ballinamallard United v Reeds FC


11:00 Dungannon Swifts v West Ham United

11:30 Glenavon FC v St Johnstone FC

12:00 Portadown FC v Coleraine FC Academy

2:00 Linfield FC v Glentoran FC

2:30 Bertie Peacock Youths v Ballinamallard Utd

3:00 Greenisland FC v Reeds FC

Junior Section fixtures, venues & kick off times


Noon Chivas v Co Antrim Anderson Park, Coleraine

Noon Plymouth Argyle v Co Fermanagh Broughshane

1:30 Charlton Athletic v Co Down Riada 2, Ballymoney

3:00 Strikers v North Dublin SL Clough, Ballymena

3:30 Southampton v Co Tyrone Anderson Park, Coleraine

4:00 Colina v Dundalk SL Riada 2, Ballymoney

5:00 GPS v Cherry Orchard Castlerock

7.00 Rangers v Club NI Scroggy Rd, Limavady

7:00 Leeds United v Co Armagh Seahaven, Portstewart

7:30 Manchester United v Co L’derry Showgrounds, Coleraine



Noon Plymouth Argyle v Chivas Clough, Ballymena

Noon Co Antrim v Co Fermanagh Broughshane

1:30 Charlton Athletic v GPS Riada 2, Ballymoney

1:30 Cherry Orchard v Co Down Parker Avenue, Portrush

1:30 Southampton v Strikers Castlerock

3:30 North Dublin SL v Co Tyrone Clough, Ballymena

5:00 Club NI v Co L’derry Anderson Park, Coleraine

5:00 Dundalk SL v Co Armagh Castlerock

7:00 Leeds United v Colina Scroggy Rd, Limavady

7:30 Manchester United v Rangers Showgrounds, Ballymena


Noon Colina v Co Armagh Clough, Ballymena

Noon Chivas v Co Fermanagh Anderson Park, Coleraine

1:00 Charlton Athletic v Cherry Orchard Castlerock

1:30 Strikers v Co Tyrone Broughshane

2:00 Leeds United v Dundalk SL Riada 2, Ballymoney

3:00 GPS v Co Down Clough, Ballymena

3:00 Plymouth Argyle v Co Antrim Castlerock

3:00 Southampton v North Dublin SL Anderson Park, Coleraine

5:00 Rangers v Co L’derry Showgrounds, Coleraine

6:00 Manchester United v Club NI Seahaven, Portstewart

Premier Section fixtures, venues & kick off times


1:30 Desportes Iquique v Ichifuna Showgrounds, Ballymena

2:00 GPS v Edmonton FC The Warren, Portstewart

2:00 Club America v Co Tyrone Coleraine, Showgrounds

3:00 Partick Thistle v Right to Dream Broughshane

5:00 Serie B Italia v Co Armagh Showgrounds, Ballymena

5:00 First Choice Soccer v Otago Parker Avenue, Portrush

5:00 Spartak Moscow v Co Fermanagh The Warren, Portstewart

5:00 Vendee v Co L’derry Scroggy Rd, Limavady

7:00 Co Antrim v GO Audax Riada Stadium, Ballymoney

7:30 Newcastle United v Co Down Showgrounds, Ballymena


1:30 Serie B Italia v First Choice Soccer The Warren, Portstewart

1:30 Vendee v GPS Riada Stadium, Ballymoney

3:00 Otago v Co Armagh Showgrounds, Coleraine

4:30 Spartak Moscow v GO Audax The Warren, Portstewart

5:00 Newcastle United v Desportes Iquique Riada Stadium, Ballymoney

5:00 Co Antrim v Co Fermanagh Broughshane

5:00 Ichifuna v Co Down Parker Avenue, Portrush

7:00 Edmonton FC v Co L’derry Showgrounds, Coleraine

7:00 Right to Dream v Co Tyrone Seahaven, Portstewart

7:00 Partick Thistle v Club America Riada Stadium, Ballymoney


2:00 Serie B Italia v Otago Scroggy Rd, Limavady

3:00 Newcastle United v Ichifuna The Warren, Portstewart

4:00 First Choice Soccer v Co Armagh Parker Avenue, Portrush

5:00 Right to Dream v Club America Riada Stadium, Ballymoney

5:00 Vendee v Edmonton FC Scroggy Rd, Limavady

5:00 GO Audax v Co Fermanagh Clough, Ballymena

5:00 Desportes Iquique v Co Down Broughshane

7:00 GPS v Co L’derry Riada Stadium, Ballymoney

7:00 Spartak Moscow v Co Antrim Scroggy Rd, Limavady

7:00 Partick Thistle v Co Tyrone Showgrounds, Ballymena