WATCH: Sutton and McCoist go head-to-head over Scotland and Northern Ireland player comparisons

Ally McCoist and Chris Sutton
Ally McCoist and Chris Sutton

TV pundits Chris Sutton and Ally McCoist didn't see eye to eye as they assessed the strength of the Scotland squad on BT Sport last night.

The former Celtic and Rangers strikers openly disagreed when discussing the national squad before going on to ask which players from Northern Ireland were better than their Scottish counterparts.

The debate, screened live on BT Sport after the St Johnstone v Rangers game in Perth, saw the pair draw comparisons between centre-forwards Leigh Griffiths and Kyle Lafferty, as well as Scott Brown and Steven Davis

Here's the full transcript of the debate:

Ally McCoist: Scotland clearly aren't good enough.

Chris Sutton: How are the Northern Irish players good enough then?

Leigh Griffiths and Kyle Lafferty

Leigh Griffiths and Kyle Lafferty

McCoist: Well, I tell you right now, it's because they are better than us.

Sutton: The Icelandic players?

McCoist: Iceland beat England comfortably in the last (Euro) Championships. They're a good team. Iceland are a good, good team. Scotland are not a good, good team. Iceland qualified for France and they have now qualified for the World Cup so that would indicate they're doing something right.

Sutton: So, if you were picking a squad, player for player, you'd pick pick the ... Icelandic players ... and the Northern Irish players. More of them in the squad than the Scottish?

Scott Brown and Steven Davis

Scott Brown and Steven Davis

McCoist: Quite possibly, yeah.

Sutton: Really?

McCoist: Would you not?

Sutton: No.

McCoist: You don't think straight away, and it's not singling two people out, that (at) centre-back we've got Berra and Mulgrew. Do you think Jonny Evans and (Gareth) McAuley are better centre-backs? Of course they are!

Sutton: Let's talk striker wise, then.

McCoist: OK

Sutton: Leight Griffiths. Would you take (Kyle) Lafferty over Leigh Griffiths?

McCoist: In the Euros I would have.

Sutton: Ah, come on, Ally.

McCoist: Chris, Kyle Lafferty scored all the goals that ...

Sutton: Are you serious?

McCoist: I'm absolutely serious.

Sutton: You'd take Kyle Lafferty over Leigh Griffiths?

McCoist: Not right now.

Sutton: We're talking about the here and now.

McCoist: I didn't say that.

Sutton: You did!

McCoist: No I didn't. You asked me if I would take Kyle Lafferty over Griffiths. At this moment in time, no. But who got Northern Ireland to France? Kyle - I'll show you the goals - Kyle Lafferty scored the vast majority of Northern Ireland's goals because he was in a rich vein of form.

Sutton: Gordon Strachan ...

McCoist: He's not at this particular time in the same class as Griffiths, right. But the fact of the matter is Kyle Lafferty's goals went a long, long way to Northern Ireland qualifying. They had Steve Davis in the middle of the park who is one of the best midfielder in the country. They've got two centre-backs ...

Sutton: Scott Brown? Kieran Tierney? Andy Roberston?

McCoist: You would take Scott Brown before Steve Davis?

Sutton: Yeah, I would, yeah. Absolutely. All day long.