Wayne Rooney plans to learn from his mistakes ahead of Euro 2016

England's Wayne Rooney
England's Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney regrets the way he prepared for the last European Championships, making the England captain all the more determined to ensure his team-mates do not go astray next summer.

Saturday’s 6-0 defeat of San Marino secured the Three Lions’ place in France next year, when the 29-year-old is set to appear in his sixth major championships.

Unlike previous tournaments, though, Rooney will this time approach it not only as star man but the vastly-experienced leader of the group.

Such responsibility has heightened the forward’s desire to make Euro 2016 a competition to remember and ensure that England do not flounder like at last year’s World Cup.

“The training camps have been right,” Rooney said when asked what has gone wrong in the past.

“The senior lads will sit down with the manager and the staff organising the tournament to work out what we can do better.”

“I know, personally, when I was suspended before the Euros I went away on holiday which looking back I regret.

“I’ll certainly get my part right this time and, as a team, will are all building to being successful.”

The break Rooney refers to was a trip to Las Vegas before the 2012 edition in Poland and Ukraine, which he was suspended for the start of.

“At the time I thought it was no problem and now I know I obviously shouldn’t have done it,” he said, candidly. “It’s flights and jet-lag.

“I was there with my family, but flying so far it takes a while to get over the jet-lag. Maybe not having a long break between the season finishing is probably the best thing.”

Asked whether he will talk to the younger members of the squad about that, Rooney said: “Yeah, we’ve already discussed that.

“I don’t think we’ll have that long off before the tournament so the lads won’t have the option to go too far.”