Whitey Anderson voices ‘delight and anger’ as Lafferty is cleared

Whitey Anderson
Whitey Anderson

Whitey Anderson has voiced his “delight and anger” after Johnny Lafferty was cleared of an alleged head-butt in last month’s Irish Cup defeat to Dungannon Swifts.

Lafferty was sent off near the end of normal time after clashing with Andrew Burn, with the Mallards going on to lose 3-2 in extra-time.

The midfielder had been handed a six-game ban for the alleged incident, but that was thrown out on appeal after a hearing on Wednesday night.

“I am delighted that Johnny Lafferty has been cleared of the alleged head-butt against Dungannon Swifts and for him personally that is very important first and foremost,” Anderson said.

“It was quite clear that the decision by the assistant referee was wrong.”

The Mallards boss added: “Johnny would have received a six-game ban only for the fact that we were able to produce the video evidence that clearly demonstrated that the alleged head-butt did not take place. His reputation and that of the club would have been tarnished and with only 10 games left in the season Johnny would have missed a large part of that. In our position that would have dealt us a serious blow.”