Halloween spectacular at Ecclesville

Fine weather after a week of storms, ensured Ecclesville's Halloween Show on Sunday 22 October was a terrific success with just over 140 entries on the day.

Also the chance of jumping at the venue of Omagh High School’s Team jumping on 28 October, helped to swell the number of very competitive riders!

The courses built by Raymond Caldwell resulted in very exciting jump-offs, as the pony and horse riders strived to win the red ribbons and the terrific prizes and cash on offer.

The first jump-off of the day in the 60cm Open Class was won by local girl, Caitlin Kelly on Blondie, who shimmed round the course to post a time three seconds faster than the rest of the field!

The 75cm Open Class had a very impressive 28 entries and this ensured some very daring rounds of jumping! The eventual winner was the very consistent Freya Sayle riding Balford.

The remaining speed classes were dominated by Jenna McConnell and her two lovely horses, Bready Bud and Jet 2, as she clinched both first and second places in both the 90cm and 1m Open classes.

The organisers would like to thank the many competitors for supporting this new show on the Ecclesville calendar. Thanks also go to Raymond Caldwell, course builder, assisted by Malvern Moore, and to Jennifer Leonard who assisted in the judges’ box.


40cm Novice Class (Double Clears)

Lucy McKeown and Piccolo (drew a prize); Hollie Archer and Billy (drew a prize); Chloe Gallagher and Silver (drew a prize); Ruby Millar and Gracie; Darcie Maguire and Manny; Lexie Maguire and Jessie; Sarah-Jane Sloane and Prince; Brid Sweeney and Manny; Lexie McKeown and Moguli; Casey Rodgers and Silver

60cm Novice Class (Double Clears)

Kate Millar and Gracie (Drew a prize); Hollie Archer and Billy (Drew a prize); Mia Mitchell and Ria (Drew a prize); Lexie Maguire and Jessie; Morgan Maye and Harry; Kate Millar and Shadow; Ryanne McPhillips and Ben; Mary Kate Rice and Cromwell; Darragh Rice and Cheryl; Niamh Harper and Ben; Katie Donnelly and Destiny; Lisa Smith and Freddie

60cm Open Class

1st Caitlin Kelly and Blondie; 2nd Lori Smith and Dessie; 3rd Freya Sayle and Chesney

75cm Novice Class (Double Clears)

Mollie Quinn and Rosie (Drew a prize); Sasha Milne and Marge (Drew a prize); Gareth Douglas and Dan (Drew a prize); Callum Hoey and Twinkle; Kate Donnelly and Destiny; Andrew Thompson and Miley; Amy McLaughlin and Melody

75cm Open Class: 1st Freya Sayle and Balford; 2nd Amy McLaughlin and Melody; 3rd Freya Sayle and Chesney

90cm Novice Class (Double Clears): Nadia Donnelly and Fonya (Drew a prize); Lucia McNamee and Blackjack (Drew a prize); Katie Clarke and Blue (Drew a prize); Lisa McFarland and Magic; Rory Murnaghan and Pip; Natalie Somerville and Beauty

90cm Open Class : 1st Jenna McConnell and Bready Bud; 2nd Jenna McConnell and Jet 2; 3rd Katie Long and Alistair

1m Novice Class (Double Clear): Maeve McNally and Miss Chatterbox (prize)

Open Horse Class: 1st Jenna McConnell and Jet 2; 2nd Jenna McConnell and Bready Bud; 3rd Freya Sayle and Monty

Ecclesville Centre will be starting their next five week Showjumping league on Friday 10 November at 6.15pm, with a 40cm class followed by 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 1m and 1.10 classes. For further information contact Sandra on 07990541966 or Ecclesville on 028 82840591.