Armagh GAA Goes Live with Linwoods

Armagh GAA players Ciaran McKeever and Stefan Campbell with Patrick Woods Director Linwoods
Armagh GAA players Ciaran McKeever and Stefan Campbell with Patrick Woods Director Linwoods

Armagh GAA online streaming of matches has been boosted with news of continued support from local food company Linwoods.

As a local bakery, dairy and seeds company which has built its success, growth and international reputation on healthy foods and lifestyles, Armagh-based Linwoods is a natural partner when it comes supporting, encouraging and celebrating many of Northern Ireland’s sports fraternity at community, local and national levels.

It’s also the perfect partner when it comes to fuelling teams and individuals targeting sporting success.

Since 2014 the company has been associated with Armagh GAA and its innovative online streaming service, widely acclaimed and recognised as a market leader within the GAA.

Sarah Shimmons, Head of Marketing, Linwoods says: “We are delighted to have been involved from the very beginning in the development of the Linwoods Armagh GAA TV online streaming service and, indeed, to continue our creative partnership. Well done to those members whose vision, dedication and hard work has established the club as a leading light in the promotion of all aspects of the game – it’s evident that Armagh GAA is as determined to be a winner online as it is determined to win on the pitch!

“The Linwoods Health Food Range is increasingly being recognised by many sportspeople and groups as an essential part of a healthy diet, perfectly designed to help them achieve their sporting goals. It is therefore a natural fit for us to come on board as the official supplier to all the Armagh GAA teams of our Healthy Flax Seeds: a great way to enhance their health and, hopefully, increase their competitive edge.”

Brian Mallon, Armagh GAA Operations Manager, said: “Armagh GAA is extremely grateful to Linwoods for the support we have received towards the development of our online streaming service. Over the last two years Linwoods Armagh TV has gone from strength to strength, with our dedicated team of volunteers developing the quality of production and overall streaming service.”