DARTS: Daryl Gurney gutted as he draws with Barney in Dublin

Daryl Gurney

Daryl Gurney was disappointed not to beat five time world champion Raymond van Barneveld on his Unibet Premier League debut at the 3Arena in Dublin on Thursday night

The World Grand Prix champion had to settle for a 6-6 draw but missed three match darts in the 11th leg to win 7-4 and missed a total of 17 darts at double in the match.

“It feels like a loss. I knew the crowd were going to be against me but I tried to play through it but for some strange reason they didn’t want my doubles to go in,” said Gurney.

“I’d so many darts to win that game it was unbelievable. It’s on to next week but it could have been worse I could have missed more doubles that I did and lost the game.

“I still got a point and I’m the first Irish person in the Premier League to get a point and from here on in I’ll be the first to get a win.

“I was 6-4 in the 11th leg and had three clear darts at double 10, I felt the first dart was in and I sort of done a half step forward then that unsettled me for the five but that is my own fault. I should have just stood still and waited for the marker to call in or out.”

Gurney feels there is more to come and he faces Michael Smith in Cardiff next week.

“I’m always learning when I play darts against these top players. “Everybody I play against are normally playing 15 to 20 years longer than I am so I’m try to play catch up.

“I played well for my first Premier League game but a it was missed opportunity.

“But not many people play Raymond van Barneveld and get a draw and hopefully that is the start of me picking up a couple of wins.”

Gurney is ranked No5 in the world and he is hoping to make a big impression in the Premier League.

“People probably think because I’m an Irish player playing in this I’m here to make up the numbers but far from it I’m here to beat every player.

“Getting a draw against Barneveld is good yes, do I feel proud no, should I have won the game yes but that is my fault.

“Hopefully I move on now to next week and get the practice in and get the win next week.

“I will just keep working hard.”

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