Delighted David Corkill pops bubbly after claiming Scottish Open title

David Corkill
David Corkill

There is just no stopping David Corkill in Professional Bowlers' Association qualifiers!

Following hot on the heels of his World pairs success earlier this season, the Ireland international was at it against at the Watson Stadium, booking his ticket to next year's Scottish Open at Blackpool.

Corkill, who is, of course, the sport's number one commentator and analyst in all televised events, demonstrated he is still a a force on the green with this latest success.

He claimed his place in the Scottish Open, which features the top 16 indoor bowlers in the world, with a straight sets in over his Belfast colleague and good friend, Simon Martin, in the final.

"It was a great game to be involved in because Simon and I are good pals, so we knew each other's game," said Corkill.

"Things are falling for me at the minute . . . this win coming after Chris Eadie and I won the World Pairs qualifier at County Antrim earlier this season.

"I was happy with my game through the tournament, starting with a win over Stephen Coleman in my opening match. I just built up a bit of momentum after that. I can now look for ward to another appearance in a major World Bowls Tour event next season."

Corkill opted out of the International Open qualifier that followed the Scottish event, but things just didn't quite pan out as successful for his fellow country man Ian McClure, who lost out in the final.

The Bally brakes man sent Belfast duo Peter Campbell and Chris Eadie spinning through the exit door before claiming a semi final spot at the expense of Earnest McCoy.

McClure then roared to a straight sets win against Scotland's Graeme MacDougall, but that was his final contribution as he buckled under the challenge of Stepney in the decider.

In fact, the Irish ace managed to claim only one shot in either set as his opponent turned the screw, racking up 17 shots over the two sets.

"It was the case of so near, yet so far." said a disappointed McClure.


Scottish Open qualifier, quarter finals, last 16: C Gale (Blackpool) bt E McCoy (Belfast) 7-4, 3-10, 1-2; J Rippey (Falcon) bt A Ramsey (Abbeyview) 5-5, 6-1; C Watson (Headwell) bt L Blackham (Sudbury) 6-4, 6-2; D Corkill (Belfast) b M Stepney (Eglin) 7-4, 6-6; I McClure (Ballybrakes) bt S Bennett (Belfast) 9-2, 5-3; A Kennedy (Ballybrakes) lost to S Martin (Belfast) 0-7, 5-3, 0-2; J McCullough (Belfast) lost to N Mulholland (Belfast) 6-9, 4-7; C Eadie (Belfast) lost to G Kelly (Ballybrakes) 3-9, 3-6.

Quarter finals: E McCoy (Belfast) bt J Rippey (Falcon) 2-9, 9-3, 2-1; C Watson (Headwell) lost to D Corkill (Belfast) 3-5, 0-7; I McClure (Ballybrakes) lost to S Watson (Belfast) 3-10, 3-7; N Mulholland (Belfast) lost to G Kelly (Ballybrakes) 3-9, 3-6).

Semi finals: McCoy lost to Corkill 3-5, 4-10; Martin bt Kelly 2-11, 9-8, 2-1.

Final: Corkill bt Martin 10-4, 4-4.

International Open qualifier, last 16: G McKee (County Antrim) bt S Bennett (Belfast) 5-3, 6-6; G MacDougall (West of Scotland) bt G Kelly (Ballybrakes) 7-5, 6-6; A Coleman (County Antrim) lost to E McCoy (Belfast) 6-8, 3-5; I McClure (Ballybrakes) bt C Eadie (Belfast) 6-6, 5-4; R Battersby (Belfast) bt S Douglas (East Lothian) 7-0, 5-5; L Rowland (Ipswich) lost to M Stephen (Elgin) 5-7, 9-3, 0-2; C Gale (Blackpool Newtown Hall) bt M Albert (Belfast) 8-2, 4-5, 2-1; J Duff (Abbeyview) lost to Kenny Bald sen (Midlothian) 6-5, 4-9, 1-2.

Quarter finals: G McKee (County Antrim) lost to G MacDougall (West of Scotland) 11-1, 4-5, 1-2; E McCoy (Belfast) lost to I McClure (Ballybrakes) 2-9, 3-9; R Battersby (Belfast) lot to M Stephen (Elgin) 7-5, 2-12, 0-2); C Gale (Blackpool Newtown Hall) bt K Bald sen (Midlothian) 8-3, 8-2.

Semi finals: MacDougall lost to McClure 4-7, 4-6; Stephen bt Gale 7-7, 7-6.

Final: McClure lost to Stepney 1-8, 1-9.