Ireland must make the most of Olympics dream

Ireland are going to Rio
Ireland are going to Rio

Irish hockey is going to be on the crest of a wave for the next few months, now that the players have done their part by reaching the Olympics for the first time since 1907.

However, it is now up to the IHA to deliver and maximise the media attention which will be heaped upon the sport.

Hockey has always been second best or even third best to most sports, with little or no coverage on television or radio…but that is all about to change.

As if by magic, all of a sudden television and radio stations are all over hockey like a rash and it is up to the IHA to use every second to its advantage.

Attention will last up to the Olympics and possibly a few months after , then it will vanish as quickly as it appeared.

The IHA needs to appoint a communications company as quickly as possible to deliver a strong first rate communications strategy.

This is hockey’s 15 minutes or 15 months of fame. It has to be grabbed with both hands because if they don’t, they will have only themselves to blame.

Hockey officials have to create a legacy for the sport throughout Ireland.