Irish produce best display in final game

Belmont v Cavehill PGL Div 3
Belmont v Cavehill PGL Div 3

Ireland reserved their best performance for the final game in the 2016 Home International Series at Llandrindrod Wells.

After losing their two opening matches against Wales and England, the Irish turned in a brilliant display to earn as 20 shots win over Scotland.

It was just the boost that temporary boss Michael Nutt was looking for after witnessing those back-to-back defeats on Saturday -- although the team battled right to the finish in both outings.

The previous day's results meant that Wales and England fought it out for the right to be crowned champions, while Ireland and Scotland were on a mission to avoid the wooden spoon.

Irish selectors tinkered with their team selection, drafting in Darren Atkinson and DJ Wilson, and the changes paid a big dividend.

In fact, Atkinson teamed up with Stephen Shields, Andy Duncan and Andy Kyle to claim a ‘full house’ -- a count of eight -- on the final end of their game against the Scots’ rink skipped by Colin Walker.

“It was a superb display,” said Nutt. “Even though we were beaten in our opening two matches, the side fought right to the wire. In fact, we conceded heavily on one rink on both games, which ultimately was the difference."

It was Kyle’s rink that stole the show, racking up a whopping 35-18 win against Walker. Gary Kelly also enjoyed a 21-13 success against Billy Mellors.

England, meanwhile, retained the title by the narrowest of margins -- they defeated Wales by only one shot!

Results: Wales 135 Ireland 112 (J Tomlinson 18 G Kelly 20, S Harris 21 A Kyle 16, R Weale 22 S Coleman 22, K James 25 G McKee 25, M Wyatt 32 B McAlary 8, P Taylor 17 M McHugh 21).

England 121 Scotland 118.

Ireland 101 England 125 (B McAlary 18 D Bolt 25, M McHugh 21 S Tolchard 15, G Kelly 18 R Newman 12, A Kyle 12 Farish 31, S Coleman 15 J Walker 24, G McKee 17 R Catton 18).

Wales 109 Scotland 107.

Ireland 127 Scotland 107 (S Coleman 18 G Logan 17, G McKee 18 I McLean 19, B Kane 16 R Grant 19, M McHugh 19 N Spiers 21, G Kelly 21 B Mellors 13, A Kyle 35 C Walker 18).

Wales 110 England 111.

Final placings: 1 England 6pts, 2 Wales 4pts, 3 Ireland 2pts, 4 Scotland 0pts.