Beach Race is ready to go at Portrush East Strand

Kris Rea attempts to keep Glenn McCormick and Jordan McCaw apart before this weekend's beach races in Portrush
Kris Rea attempts to keep Glenn McCormick and Jordan McCaw apart before this weekend's beach races in Portrush
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This weekend the Foyle Club’s second ‘Sign It’ beach race takes place on Portrush East Strand.

The event is free to all spectators and even though all the championships are over the competition and bragging rights are still up for grabs, as to who is the best motocross rider on the sands of the East Strand. 

The event has attracted a large entry from solo riders, sidecar teams and quad competitors.

Heading the solo entry will be Ulster MX2 Champion Glenn McCormick who will swap his Watts Motorcycles 250 SX-f KTM for the more powerful 450 SX-f KTM.

“Last year was the first year that the event was run and with it being a new event for everyone no one knew what to expect, but fair play to the organisers it was good meeting.

“Obviously it’s excited to be riding on a beach and after a long hard season it is something new and something different so I’m really looking forward to the weekend,” said the 23 year-old from Glenoe.

Last year you won a couple of races so you must be confident going in to this year’s event?

“Last year I didn’t have such a good first day as I crashed, ending up with a badly swollen knee, so I pretty much just survived the Saturday.

“Also I was on the 250 and it was just getting killed on the big straights. I borrowed a 350 for the Sunday races and it made a big difference allowing me to win a few races.

“This year I have a 450 KTM from Watts Motorcycles, just basically for the straights.

“The bigger bike makes so much difference. The rest of the track is very much one line so it was always hard to pass especially on the smaller bike.

“Hopefully the 450 will help a little bit. Because the races are short, anyone could win.

“It is a matter of getting a good start, get away and ride fast.

“This year there seems to be a good line up so it should be close racing and a good show for the spectators.”

Kris Rea will ride the KX 450 Kawasaki and is in with a realistic chance of upstaging the favourites.

“I’m the Kawasaki representative this weekend,” he joked.

“Last year I did it on a Norman Watt by Agnew KTM 250 but like Glenn said it was lacking a bit on the 450s, so this year we are running a Team 65 450 Kawasaki and I’m looking forward to being up there with the front runners.

“Hopefully I get a start, run at the front and as they are short races I shouldn’t be far away at the finish. It’s the end of the season and we are just here to enjoy bikes and bring something new to the sport.

“Yeah I’m really looking forward to playing in the sand on motorbikes.”

Ballymoney’s Jordan McCaw made his MX1 debut in 2018 finishing third in the Ulster and fourth in the Irish championship despite missing two rounds through injury and will race the Unique Fit Out Husqvarna 450 at Portrush.

He missed last year’s meeting through injury but is quietly confident of running at the front this time.

“I’m really looking forward to getting at it this year after missing out in 2017 and seeing what I can do.

“The sand will be really deep so the 450 will definitely be an advantage and with Kris and Glenn being on 450s it’s going to be a good days racing.

In the sidecar class both Gary Moulds and his great rival Neil Campbell will be having their first beach race outing.

Both men say they are looking forward to the challenge so it should be good to see who comes out in front.

There will be five races on Saturday and four on Sunday for each class, tides permitting.