Guy Martin retains desire to continue racing in 2016

Road racing superstar Guy Martin
Road racing superstar Guy Martin

International road racing superstar Guy Martin has confirmed he still intends to race in 2016 following speculation over his future.

Martin, who suffered five broken vertebrae and a broken sternum after a 130mph crash at the Ulster Grand Prix in August, has returned to work but is still ‘struggling’ with his injuries.

The 33-year-old has yet to finalise his plans for next season but says he still has the hunger to continue racing.

“I’ve had my head down for a few weeks because I didn’t want the world knowing I spannered myself, but it turns out the world already knew,” Martin said.

“I also wanted to make sure that anything you heard was straight from the horse’s mouth. I’ve had over 100 cards wishing me well. I really appreciate them, I read them all and I think they’re mega; so thanks for them.

“I don’t remember anything about the crash after head-butting the ground, but the Dainese and AGV stuff I was racing in was bloody brilliant. The leathers were cut off me, but there weren’t many scuffs on them,” he added.

“I head-butted the ground at 130mph, then skidded into a dirt field and catapulted off a few things. The impact I hit the ground with was massive. I was knocked out, but it’s a credit to that helmet that I didn’t suffer any damage other than a badly bloodshot eye.

“Having a few days off work gave me time to think about what I want to do, and realise all the things that have had to go on hold.

“I still want to race, but I’m not going to rush into deciding what or where I’m going to race.”

Martin also paid tribute to the staff at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast where he was treated immediately after his accident.

“I was in Belfast Royal and I’ve never been more impressed by a hospital than I was by that place, all the staff were great,” said Martin, who came off at Ireland’s bend while leading Bruce Anstey on the final lap of the Dundrod 150 Superbike race.

“I broke five vertebrae, but they bolted six together - from T4 to T10 - because two are unstable, meaning there’s a chance they could move and damage my spinal column. They had to rod my spine because I broke my sternum too.

“Normally the front will hold the back together or the back will hold the front, but I had broken both front and back. My sternum is cracked straight down the middle, but that’s only cartilage so they don’t do anything to try repair it,” he explained.

“I broke five ribs and two metacarpals in right hand, too, and my hand’s been plated. I’ve been back at work a while, but I’m struggling with everything.”

Martin is entered for the Scarborough Gold Cup meeting from September 12-13 although his participation remains in doubt.