Guy Martin would 'rather go to Monkey World' than race again at Isle of Man TT

Regarded as the best rider never to have won at the Isle of Man TT, Guy Martin has ruled out a return to the Mountain Course.

Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 12:30 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th April 2019, 7:02 pm
Guy Martin last rode at the Isle of Man TT in 2017 during a short-lived racing comeback with Honda.

The Grimsby man last raced at the event in 2017, when he was fortunate escape serious injury following a high-speed crash at Doran’s Bend during a short-lived racing comeback with Honda.

A podium finisher 17 times at the TT, a coveted victory ultimately eluded Martin, who has no wish to race competitively again at the world renowned motorcycling spectacle.

According to the man himself, he would rather ‘spend a day at Monkey World’ with his family than take on the challenge of the TT again.

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Grimsby's Guy Martin has ruled out ever competing at the Isle of Man TT again.

“People still ask me why I don’t go back, and when they do they’re just showing a complete lack of understanding of the motivations involved in competing at a place like that,” said Martin in his fourth autobiographical book, We Need to Weaken the Mixture, which is due to be released in paperback in May.

“Going back because it’s what I did and I was sort of all right at it is not a good reason to race the TT. It’s not even a reason, never mind a good one.

“But I look at some riders and it seems that is exactly why they do keep going back. They’re not going back to win.”

The 37-year-old, who has a provisional entry for the Cookstown 100 in the Classic race this month, said he now prefers spending time with his partner, Sharon, and daughter, Dot.

“The years I raced there might define me to some people, but it’s not what defines me to myself and it hasn't for years,” Martin writes.

“Give me a day at Monkey World with Dot and Sharon instead.”

We Need to Weaken the Mixture by Guy Martin (Virgin Books, £8.99 paperback) will be published on May 16. To pre-order visit