Round-up of Tuesday's practice times from the North West 200

Practice times from the first day of action at the North West 200.

Tuesday, 14th May 2019, 5:29 pm
Dean Harrison led the way in the Superbike class on the Silicone Engineering Kawasaki on Tuesday at the North West 200.


1 D Harrison (Kawasaki) 121.21mph

2 M Dunlop (BMW) 120.969mph +0.531s

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Alastair Seeley on the PBM Be Wiser Ducati V4-R.

3 A Seeley (Ducati) 120.47mph +1.106s

4 L Johnston (BMW) 119.867mph +2.986s

5 P Hickman (BMW) 119.591mph +3.608s

6 J Hillier (Kawasaki) 119.401mph +4.038s

Peter Hickman was quickest in the Superstock class on the Smiths BMW.

7 G Irwin (Kawasaki) 119.397mph +4.045s

8 I Hutchinson (Honda) 119.392mph +4.200s

9 M Rutter (Honda) 119.028mph +4.885s

10 C Cummins (Honda) 119.016mph +4.913s

Michael Dunlop was second fastest on the Tyco BMW in Superbike practice.


1 A Seeley (Yamaha) 115.527mph

2 L Johnston (Yamaha) 115.357mph +0.182s

3 J Hillier (Kawasaki) 115.312mph +1.113s

4 M Dunlop (Honda) 114.734mph +1.661s

5 D Harrison (Kawasaki) 114.096mph +2.971s

6 P Hickman (Triumph) 113.901mph +4.146s

7 P Jordan (Yamaha) 113.52mph +6.341s

8 D Todd (Honda) 112.727mph +7.387s

9 I Hutchinson (Honda) 112.655mph +8.760s

10 G Johnson (Triumph) 112.621mph +8.981s


1 P Hickman (BMW) 121.448mph

2 L Johnston (BMW) 120.795mph +1.437s

3 M Dunlop (BMW) 120.427mph +1.499s

4 J Hillier (Kawasaki) 120.405mph +2.254s

5 M Rutter (BMW) 120.075mph +2.303s

6 G Irwin (Kawasaki) 119.659mph +3.976s

7 R Cooper (Suzuki) 119.193mph +4.452s

8 D Harrison (Kawasaki) 118.055mph +5.031s

9 P Jordan (Kawasaki) 118.039mph +7.642s

10 D Todd (BMW) 117.97mph +7.679s


1 J Coward (Kawasaki) 108.452mph

2 M Rutter (Kawasaki) 108.352mph +0.200s

3 C Elkin (Kawasaki) 108.025mph +1.102s

4 G Irwin (Kawasaki) 107.077mph +1.234s

5 J McWilliams (Kawasaki) 107.482mph +2.613s

6 S Bonetti (Paton) 107.352mph +2.976s

7 D McGee (Kawasaki) 107.074mph +3.758s

8 H Saiger (Paton) 106.197mph +6.248s

9 M Sweeney (Kawasaki) 105.762mph +7.499s

10 C Phillips (Paton) 104.718mph +10.543s