Ryan Farquhar back home but ‘long way to go’

Ryan Farquhar.
Ryan Farquhar.

Ryan Farquhar is recuperating at home following his serious crash at last month’s North West 200.

The Dungannon man was released from hospital over two weeks ago and Farquhar says he is still very weak and sore.

“I’m still sore and weak, maybe a wee slight bit better but I’ve a long way to go. I’ve been home from hospital for over a fortnight now and they’ve told me it’s going to be a while before I get any strength back,” he said.

“It’s no surprise after what I’ve been through and it’s been tough going these last few weeks. It’s just going to take time and rest and I’m trying to eat as much good food as I can.

“I’ve lost two-and-a-half-stone in weight because I’ve no muscle and it’s just all gone. Even travelling in the car to hospital for appointments leaves me knackered,” he added.

“By the time we get to Belfast I’m ready to for home again.”

Farquhar’s SGS KMR Kawasaki machines were raced at the Isle of Man TT in the Lightweight race by Michael Rutter, Darren James and Danny Webb, although only Webb completed the race, finishing 26th.

Farquhar said: “I kept an eye on things at the TT when I could. I just lay and listened to it on the iPad. I’d love to have been over at it with the weather being so good but it just wasn’t meant to be this year.

“Michael Rutter went really well in practice and it was the same as last year, but come the race we had problems. I haven’t even had the chance to look at the bikes because they’re sitting out there in the truck and it’ll be a while before we get the bikes out to have a look at them.

“We’ve had a bad run at the moment but hopefully that’s our bad luck out of the way,” he added.

“I’ll have to try and get something sorted out for Armoy because I’m planning on having a couple or three bikes out there. Whether or not I’m able to do the work in another few weeks I don’t know and I’ll maybe have to get someone to give me a hand.”