TT 2015: Combined practice times

Ian Hutchinson at the top of Barregarrow on the PBM Kawasaki
Ian Hutchinson at the top of Barregarrow on the PBM Kawasaki

Ian Hutchinson set the fastest Superbike lap during combined practice for the RST Superbike race on the PBM Kawasaki, lapping at 130.266mph on Thursday.

The Bingley rider, showing his best form at the TT since his memorable five-timer in 2010, headed the overall times from 21-times winner John McGuiness on the Honda Racing Fireblade, who was the only other rider to break the 130mph barrier with a speed of 130.030mph, also set on Thursday.

Michael Dunlop, who completed his first laps on the Hawk Racing Buildbase BMW on Friday night, slots into sixth place with a speed of 128.636mph but set his quickest lap on the MD Racing BMW Superstock machine on Thursday at 129.659mph.

Isle of Man TT combined practice times:

RST Superbike Qualifying:

1 Ian Hutchinson (PBM Kawasaki) 130.266mph

2 John McGuinness (Honda Racing) 130.030mph

3 Bruce Anstey (Valvoline Padgetts Honda) 129.957mph

4 William Dunlop (Tyco BMW) 129.419mph

5 Guy Martin (Tyco BMW) 128.963mph

6 Michael Dunlop (Buildbase BMW) 128.636mph

7 Michael Rutter ( Bathams BMW) 128.529mph

8 Conor Cummins (Honda Racing) 128.331mph

9 Jamie Hamilton (Cookstown/BE Racing Suzuki) 127.752mph

10 Gary Johnson (GBmoto Kawasaki) 127.257mph

11 Dean Harrison (Mar-Train Yamaha) 127.120mph

12 Dan Kneen (Valvoline Padgetts Honda) 126.894mph

RL360 Superstock Qualifying:

1 Michael Dunlop (MD Racing BMW) 129.659mph

2 Ian Hutchinson (PBM Kawasaki) 128.308mph

3 David Johnson (Smiths Racing BMW) 127.470mph

4 James Hillier (Kawasaki/Quattro Plant) 127.127mph

5 Bruce Anstey (Valvoline Padgetts Honda) 127.045mph

6 Lee Johnston (BMW/East Coast) 126.759mph

7 William Dunlop (Tyco BMW) 126.744mph

8 John McGuinness (EMC Honda) 126.486mph

9 Dean Harrison (Mar-Train Yamaha) 126.461mph

10 Peter Hickman (Briggs Equipment BMW) 126.122mph

11 Guy Martin (Tyco BMW) 125.985mph

12 Ryan Kneen (Charmer Builders Kawasaki) 125.441mph

Monster Energy Supersport Qualifying:

1 Bruce Anstey (Valvoline Padgetts Honda) 125.218mph

2 Ian Hutchinson (TCC Yamaha) 124.927mph

3 John McGuinness Jackson Racing Honda (124.480mph)

4 Dean Harrison (Mar-Train Yamaha) 124.358mph

5 Gary Johnson (Mar-Train Yamaha) 124.307mph

6 William Dunlop (CD/IC Racing Yamaha) 124.260mph

7 Michael Dunlop (MD Racing Honda) 124.223mph

8 Lee Johnston (East Coast/Burdens Triumph) 123.758mph

9 Guy Martin (Smiths Racing Triumph) 123.082mph

10 Keith Amor (Rig Deluge Honda) 122.684mph

11 Conor Cummins (Jackson Racing Honda) 122.461mph

12 Russ Mountford (Silicone Engineering Triumph) 121.515mph

Lightweight Qualifying:

1 Ryan Farquhar (SGS/KMR Kawasaki) 117.432mph

2 Gary Johnson (WK Bikes CF Moto) 117.068mph

3 Ivan Lintin (RC Express Kawasaki) 116.804mph

4 James Hillier (Quattro Plant Kawasaki) 116.677mph

5 Jamie Hamilton (Cookstown/BE Racing Kawasaki) 115.746mph

6 James Cowton (Stewart Smith Kawasaki) 115.409mph

7 Lee Johnston (SGS/KMR Kawasaki) 115.397mph

8 Dan Cooper (SB Tuning Kawasaki) 114.662mph