Ulster GP: Round-up of all the results at Dundrod

Action from the Supersport class at the Metzeler Ulster Grand Prix
Action from the Supersport class at the Metzeler Ulster Grand Prix

Lee Johnston was the man of the meeting at the Metzeler Ulster Grand after a stunning treble on Saturday, while Bruce Anstey won the feature Superbike race for the second year in a row.


1 B Anstey (Honda), 2 I Hutchinson (Kawasaki), 3 L Johnston (BMW), 4 P Hickman (BMW), 5 C Cummins (Honda), 6 W Dunlop (BMW), 7 M Dunlop (BMW), 8 D Harrison (Yamaha).

Fastest lap: Hutchinson 133.042mph.


1 P Hickman (BMW), 2 C Cummins (Honda), 3 M Dunlop (BMW), 4 K Amor (BMW), 5 R Mountford (Kawasaki), 6 D Kneen (Honda), 7 D Sheils (Kawasaki), 8 D Harrison (Yamaha), 9 D Mathison (Suzuki), 10 W Dunlop (Tyco BMW).

Fastest lap: Cummins 120.908mph


1 L Johnston (BMW), 2 P Hickman (BMW), 3 M Dunlop (BMW), 4 W Dunlop (BMW), 5 K Amor (BMW), 6 D Johnson (BMW), 7 D Kneen (Honda), 8 D Harrison (Yamaha), 9 R Mountford (Kawasaki), 10 B Anstey (Honda).

New Lap Record: Johnston 132.793mph


1 L Johnston (Triumph), 2 W Dunlop (Yamaha), 3 G Irwin (Kawasaki), 4 B Anstey (Honda), 5 I Hutchinson (Yamaha), 6 P Hickman (MV Agusta), 7 D Kneen (Honda), 8 S Elliott (Honda), 9 R Kennedy (Yamaha), 10 J Cowton (Honda).

New Lap Record: Johnston 128.913mph.


1 L Johnston (Triumph), 2 G Irwin (Kawasaki), 3 I Hutchinson (Yamaha), 4 D Harrison (Yamaha), 5 W Dunlop (Yamaha), 6 B Anstey (Honda), 7 P Hickman (MV Agusta), 8 C Cummins (Honda), 9 K Amor (Honda), 10 D Mulligan (Yamaha).

Fastest lap: Johnston 128.084mph.


1 S Wilson (Honda), 2 N Kernohan (Honda), 3 J Cowton (Yamaha), 4 P Owen (Honda), 5 M Dokoupil (400 Kawasaki), 6 C Laidlaw (400 Kawasaki).

Fastest lap: Wilson 115.575mph


1 C Elkin (Moto3 Honda) 2 C Behan (Honda), 3 N Moore (Honda), 4 C Gibson (Honda), 5 L Tiveron (Honda), 6 J Sands (Honda).

Fastest lap: Elkin 108.170mph.


1 D McGee (Kawasaki), 2 J Cowton (Kawasaki), 3 D Cooper (Kawasaki), 4 G Irwin (Kawasaki), 5 A Kirk (Kawasaki), 6 C Elkin (Kawasaki).

Fastest lap: McGee 111.425mph.