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Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy.
Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy.

1. Dan Carter is the top scorer for which New Zealand Super Rugby team?

2. How many world surfing championships has Kelly Slater won?

3. In a game of futsal, how many players are on the court for each team?

4. Which grand slam did Victoria Azarenka win back-to-back women’s titles in in 2012 and 2013?

5. Kane Williamson captains which international Test cricket side?

6. True or false. Sunderland were founded as Sunderland and District Teachers AFC.

7. What number does Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady wear on his jersey?

8. Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy plays for which national team?

9. Who are the reigning FIFA Women’s World Cup champions?

10. Darts world champion Gerwyn Price also played rugby for which PRO12 team?

Answers: 1. Crusaders; 2. 11; 3. Five; 4. Australian Open; 5. New Zealand; 6. True; 7. 12; 8. Senegal; 9. United States; 10. Glasgow.