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Charles Leclerc.
Charles Leclerc.

1. Dina Asher-Smith is world champion in which event?

2. In which US city will the Super Bowl be held in February?

3. Which team has won the most men’s FA Cups?

4. Who is the leading wicket taker in Test cricket history?

5. How many balls did it take for New Zealand’s Sophie Devine to score the fastest hundred in women’s T20 cricket: a) 36; b) 37; c) 38?

6. Roy Jones Jr holds citizenship of which two countries?

7. At which current Premiership Rugby club did former England flanker Neil Back conclude his senior playing career?

8. Charles Leclerc drives for which F1 team?

9. NBA star James Harden was this week traded from the Houston Rockets to which franchise?

10. True or false – Great Britain’s Nicole Cooke was the first cyclist to win world and Olympic road race gold in the same year?

Answers: 1. 200m; 2. Tampa Bay; 3. Arsenal (14); 4. Muttiah Muralitharan; 5. a) 36; 6. US and Russia; 7. Leicester Tigers; 8. Ferrari; 9. Brooklyn Nets; 10. True.