Coach Soper out to end RBAI Cup drought in 2015

Dan Soper
Dan Soper

Its eight years since RBAI lifted the School’s Cup although they should have knocked eventually winners Methody out in last season’s quarter final.

Coach Dan Soper is in his second season at the Belfast school and he is hoping to end the drought as they enter the competition with a home tie against Regent House.

“I was a hell of game and we played very well but you got to take your hat off to Methody they know how to win games in the cup under pressure.

“They have a proven track record over the last six or seven years and they were able to do it again a week later.

“Credit to them they win the tight games and they are the leading school and I guess my job is to try to get us to learn how to win those tight fixtures by a couple of points instead of losing them,” said Soper.

“Like all schools you are sort of starting again, from my point of view because a lot were part of the squad last year it hasn’t been quite back to ground zero.

“The players have showed a great effort to learn and to get better and work hard so we are ticking all the boxes there and most importantly everybody is enjoying it.

“There is pressure especially when you’re Inst and it is the same for Methody, the expectation when you go into the cup is that you do well and when teams beat you there is a real sense of satisfaction because they know it means so much to us.

“We know there is pressure it’s learning to deal with it and use it as a positive, having that expectation is a great privilege for the guys it’s a bit of a compliment that people feel we are good enough rugby players and a good enough team to do well.”

Soper believes his side are good enough to lift the trophy on St Patrick’s Day.

“Absolutely I think we can win it but there are probably six or eight schools out there that can win it.

“There will be a match like Methody in the quarter final last year that will be close and it will be about taking our opportunities to go on and win the game.

“We can win it but they are six to eight how are in with a realistic shout come the final.

“We need a bit of luck as do everybody and the depth of your squad gets tested but we are good enough to win it.”