This Ireland team wants to get better insists Rory Best

Ireland captain Rory Best
Ireland captain Rory Best
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Ireland captain Rory Best believes the current side is the best he has played in.

And the Ulsterman backs that up by adding it just seems to get better after every game.

The British Lion hooker also acknowledged last night that it would take their best performance to get the Six Nations campaign off on the right track against the English today.

“I probably keep getting asked that because every year it looks like it’s the best.

“Each time we find ways to create history but we also find ways to keep getting better, and I think that’s probably why it’s the best Irish team I’ve ever played in.

“Hopefully in whatever, six to eight months time, we keep saying that, and every year over the next while, Ireland teams will keep saying that because there’s a real want to get better

“Whether it’s the way people are being brought in or whether it’s what they’re being brought into in terms of the environment, but everyone wants to improve.

“And while you have that with the players, this Ireland team will keep getting better and that’s where we want to be, but at the minute, this is the best Ireland team I’ve played in.

“That’s why we are where we are, because Joe has made us into a team that can produce big performances time after time.

“It’s what you need!” he added.

Having secured a third ever Grand Slam last year, winning a Test Series in Australia and beating New Zealand in Dublin, Ireland are currently World Number two.

Some argue, that given their result against the All Blacks - the number one ranked side - it is Ireland who should hold that spot.

“With that comes expectancy and pressure.

Best smiled: “It’s a vicious cycle that the better you are the more targets are on your back.

“So that means the better you need to be the next time. That’s where we are at the moment.

“It’s a really exciting place, it is a challenge,” added Best.