Top turnout as Pony Tour rolls into the Meadows

A busy day was had at The Meadows earlier this month with the TRI Equestrian NI and Ulster Region Pony Tour rolling into the Oxford Island centre.

138 1.10m League winners
138 1.10m League winners

A bumper attendance resulted in 377 entries throughout the day, with many of the regions most talented pitting their ponies against their friends and rivals.

With many athletes heading home laden down with prize money, prizes in kind and vouchers, many made good use of the onsite TRI Equestrian store to spend those hard earned vouchers.

The 128 ponies dominated the day, with many displays of talent on display. None more so than in the 128 1m which went to the wire in a very exciting jump off against the clock. Stopping the clock in 38.75 was Matthew Conlon with Marble Arch Equine’s ‘The Silver Legend, taking home the TRI Equestrian Spring Tour 128 1m Champions title.

128 90cm League winners

Winning the 138 1.10m, Dirraw Caleb owned by Jean Finney and rode by her daughter Alex, stopped the clock after a fantastic round in 37.30, and took the winning rosette ahead of Niamh McEvoy with Riot Del Peguil less than one tenth of a second behind. Both ladies were fantastic ambassadors for TRI Equestrian, where they are sponsored riders again for 2018.

Ellie Rose Cassidy, with Paula Williams’Claggan Gypsy Delight were the winners of the 148 1.20m after a blistering round in the Tommy French Arena allowed them to stay ahead of the pack and take home the TRI Equestrian 148 1.20 crown.

Class Results

128 50cms - Divided between Janet Currie’s Curolea Rosi (Rebecca Coulter), William Jnr Adair’s Casper (Ur) (Julianna Nelson), Angela Maguire’s Manny (Lexie Maguire), Neil Maguire’s Drums girl (Lexie Maguire), Roisin Cathcart’s Ballymacooda Jack (Sophie Cathcart), Aldyth Roulston’s Sparkling Ganty Blazer (Caoimhian Sharkey), Aldyth Roulston’s Knockavoe Merlin (Caoimhian Sharkey), Christine Wilcock’s Solar Eclipse (HPA) (Kaitlin Armstrong), Martina McCrory’s My Party Pop (Kaitlin McCrory).

148 90cm League winners

128 60cms - Divided between William Jnr Adair’s Casper (Ur) (Julianna Nelson), Tracy Kelly’s Tuity Fruity (Caitlin Kelly), Aldyth Roulston’s Tabita Chantilly Lace (Jessica Baxter), Aldyth Roulston’s Sparkling Miss Leglands (Jessica Baxter), Janette Baxter’s Greenfield Mayflower (Jessica Baxter), Orla Diamond’s My Gingernut (Eenna Hamilton), Martina Mccrory’s My Party Pop (Kaitlin McCrory), Ronan McLaughlin’s Phoenix Phantom (Sarah McLaughlin), Christine Wilcock’s Drumcaughey Lucky (Matthew Dylan Wilcock), Katheryne McCracken’s Billy Frazer (Charlotte McCracken), Aldyth Roulston’s Sparkling Ganty Blazer (Caoimhian Sharkey), Lisa Donnan’s Goldilocks (LHI) (Lucy Donnan), Aldyth Roulston’s Princess Puzzle (Caoimhian Sharkey), Frances Mellett’s Sox Line Cassie (Zoe Mellett), Lisa Donnan’s Derrylanghan Sparrow (Lucy Donnan), Rachel Pearson’s Blue (GCS) (Daniel Pearson), Linda Courtney’s LCC Scrum Didly Umptious (James Courtney-Cadam), Lynn Caskey’s Aughmore Dante (Zoe Caskey), Lynn Caskey’s Smokegun (Zoe Caskey).

128 70cms - Divided between Owen Sharkey’s Molly Polly (Caoimhian Sharkey), Briony Murphy’s Rough Diamond (Darragh Murphy), Tracy Kelly’s Tuity Fruity (Caitlin Kelly), Janette Baxter’s Greenfield Mayflower (Jessica Baxter), John Black’s Chocolat II (Erin Mathieson), Christine Wilcock’s Solar Eclipse (HPA) (Matthew Dylan Wilcock), Jayne Bright’s Rossdama Beauty (Gracie Bright), John Doherty’s Ardtole Pollyanna (Therese Doherty), Jane C P Russell’s Super Sonic (Sarah Mclaughlin), Phelim Comey’s Dexters Lady (Caitlin Comey), Sarah Doherty’s Blaenpentir Royal Coin (Oliver Doherty), Aldyth Roulston’s Sparkling Miss Leglands (Jessica Baxter), Lisa Smith’s Dessie (HPA) (Lori Smith), Frances Mellett’s Sox Line Cassie (Zoe Mellett), Roy Ruddy’s Chester (Sienna Dalzell), Lynn Caskey’s Aughmore Dante (Zoe Caskey), Linda Courtney’s LCC Scrum Didly Umptious (James Courtney-Cadam).

128 80cms - Divided between Andrew Thompson’s Ruthstown Speed (Beth Thompson), Martin Kelly’s A Little Fairplay (Zara-Jane Kelly), Katheryne McCracken’s Nely Done That (Charlotte McCracken), Nicola Burns’s Dat’ill Do (Sophia Bingham), Sonya Murphy’s Divernagh’s Little Belle (Lee Bloomfield), Ashley Bingham’s Little Prince Caspian (Sophia Bingham), Janette Baxter’s Sparkling Class Act (Jessica Baxter), John Black’s Chocolat II (Erin Mathieson), Paula McMaster’s Sootilicious (Alex McMaster), Jayne Bright’s Suzy (Gracie Bright), Tracy Kelly’s Newhaven Sophia (Zara-Jane Kelly), Jane C P Russell’s Super Sonic (Sarah Mclaughlin), Jayne Bright’s Slimero Sally (Gracie Bright), Paula McMaster’s Upsy Daisy (Alex McMaster), Michaela Quinn’s fancy pants (Anna Cardwell), Ronan Mclaughlin’s Wadacre Winnie the Pooh (Ben Walsh).

128 Under 10 85cms (69 points) - 1, Martin Kelly’s Ballyglunin Girl (IHR) (Zara-Jane Kelly); 2, Heffron Equine LTD’s Miss Susie (India Heffron); 3, Joanne Morton’s Tynnan Tuttle Pip (Peter Morton); 4, Breda Perrin’s Ash Rain (Ted Gibson); 5, Geraldine Ferran’s Dinky Do (Clara Catherine Burns); 6, Tracy Kelly’s Bright Bling (Caitlin Kelly).

128 90cms - 1, Victoria Clarke’s Ratatouille Spartacus (Jamie Clarke); 2, Andrew Dunlop’s Barrera Star Attraction (OS) (Jenny Dunlop); 3, Victoria Clarke’s Hilin Diamond (Jamie Clarke); 4, Edna Gamble’s Lisboy Smarties (Katie Gibson); 5, Victoria Clarke’s Lackaghmore Barbie (Camryn Clarke); 6, Victoria Clarke’s It’s Only Money (Camryn Clarke).

128 1m - 1, Marble Arch Equine Ltd c/o Bernard Conlon’s The Silver Legend (Matthew Conlon); 2, Victoria Clarke’s It’s Only Money (Camryn Clarke); 3, Victoria Clarke’s Jackoo (Camryn Clarke); 4, Joanne Morton’s Tynnan Tuttle Pip (Peter Morton).

138 80cms - Divided between Colm McGrath’s Coomlogane Kojak (Kiera McGrath), Briony Murphy’s Razorlite (Darragh Murphy), Edna Gamble’s Trendy Royale (Katie Gibson), Briony Murphy’s Kreme (Darragh Murphy), Sparkling Equine’s Nina Lass (Mackenzie Carmody), Andrew Thompson’s Ziggy Stardust (Amy McLaughlin), Rachel Pearson’s Lackaghmore Frishow (Calum Pearson).

138 90cms - Divided between Lisa Torrens’s Bobby Lee (Dylan Harry Torrens), Tom Carmody’s Sparkling Delta Dawn (Mackenzie Carmody), Caroline Gaston’s Knockagaron Fear Bui Falcon (Emma Taylor), Orla Harris’s Knockash Tonic (Conor Harris), Colm Mcgrath’s Coomlogane Kojak (Kiera McGrath), Cali O’donnell’s Gaulstown Lady Bishop (calum mc veigh), Andrew Thompson’s Keogans Boy (Beth Thompson), Paul Mc Cann’s Gortmore Julie (Lucy McCann), Derby Rankin’s Cullagh Dawn (Che Flanagan), Karen Mc Fadden’s Orfelia VD Bisschop (Conor Harris), Derby Rankin’s Lady Muck (Ellie-Rose Cassidy), Briony Murphy’s Kreme (Darragh Murphy), Sorcha Fitzpatrick’s Dalways Counting Daisies (Niamh Fitzpatrick), Joanne Morton’s Micky Blue Eyes (Peter Morton).

138 1m - 1, Caroline Gibson’s Rockin Roxie (Annie Gibson); 2, Orla Harris’s Lenamore Lena (Conor Harris); 3, Lisa Torrens’s Bobby Lee (Dylan Harry Torrens); 4, Victoria Clarke’s Le Puy en Velay (Camryn Clarke); 5, Aldyth Roulston’s Hewid Caradog (Katie McEntee); 6, Glenda McBride’s Tynan Espresso (Lucy Morton).

138 1.10m - 1, Jean Finney’s Dolly du Carel (Alex Finney); 2, Brian Moran’s Riot Del Pegulil (Niamh McEvoy); 3, Joe McMahon’s Western Oreo (Alex Finney); 4, Caroline Gibson’s Ti Chip (Annie Gibson); 5, Caroline Gibson’s Shenandoah Sadie (Annie Gibson); 6, Jean Finney’s Coltstown Dun Cruiser (Alex Finney).

148 90cms - Divided between Linda Buchanan’s Woodhills Pride (Catherine Buchanan), Paddy Douglas’s Lough Allen Dancer (Paris Douglas), Martin Hanna’s Oreo Patches (Sophie Hanna), Tara Flanagan’s Lady Sweetwall (Kellie-Rose Flanagan), Amanda Hodge’s Monroe Star (Rocco Cairns), Amanda Lynch’s Miraculous (Maebh Kelly), Stephanie Hockley’s BKS Nebula (Jamie Hockley), rosemary clements’s Derryvane Belle (Alana Roulston), Andrew Thompson’s Eyre Diva Dior (Ellen Thompson).

148 1m - Divided between Maeve McEvoy’s Vales Bluebird (Niall McEvoy), Shane McCauley’s Sunkist Lad (Amy-Leigh McCauley), Lexie Mc Closkey’s Springfield Oliver (Billie-Jean Lynch), Paul Treanor’s Corbeagh Samba (Aoibha Treanor), Denise Crawford’s Sparkling Castlewarren Gold (Erin Crawford), Glenda McBride’s Moonlit Connaught (Chloe McBride), Amanda Lynch’s Miraculous (Maebh kelly), Michael Doherty’s mc dappled dream (Clara Doherty), Elizabeth McMIllan’s Devlish Cavalier’s Girl (Caitlin Mann), Christina Brown’s Canadian Express (Laura Brown), Stephanie Hockley’s BKS Nebula (Jamie Hockley), Andrew Thompson’s Eyre Diva Dior (Ellen Thompson), Shane McCauley’s Sparkling Silver Dawn (Amy-Leigh McCauley), Ashline Kelly’s Sparkling Miss Pixielix (Alaina Kelly), James Kernan’s Johnny Jinx (John McEntee), William Jnr Adair’s Mulvin Blazer (Niamh McEvoy).

148 1.10m (inc 6/7 Year Old) - 1, Joanne Morton’s Tynan Bo-Bo Bear (Lucy Morton); 2, Marsh Kyfe Equestrian Centre’s Ewald (Yiayan Evans); 3, Alan Ivan McCoosh’s Shadow-Light (Trudie Hermione McCoosh); 4, Marsh Kyfe Equestrian Centre’s Powerstation (Yiayan Evans); 5, Stephen Moore’s Glenarousk Flash Bandit (jessica moore); 6, Yvonne Whiteside’s Ballydoolagh Dreamer (Jamie Hockley).

148 1.20m - 1, Paula Williams’s Claggan Gypsy Delight (Ellie-Rose Cassidy); 2, Andrew Thompson’s Sligo Little James (Ellen Thompson); 3, Terry Johnston’s My Gypsy Rose (Charlotte Harding); 4, Jean Finney’s Dirraw Caleb (Alex Finney); 5, Andrew Thompson’s Trendy Blue (Ellen Thompson); 6, Adrian Williams’s Parc Judy (Ellie-Rose Cassidy).

Junior & COH 1m - Divided between Martin O’Connor’s Sister Martina (Donal O’connor), Michelle Magill’s Golden Korona (Jordyn Magill), Rosemary Bothwell’s HHS Cheers (Nicholas Bothwell), Niamh Mallon McFall’s Rose Of Lennon (Teaghán Eamonn Burns), Lorna Moore’s Scooby Bee (Daniel Moore), Janet McDowell’s Imp’s Girl (Mya McDowell), Raymond Farrell’s Oos Zena (Shauna Farrell).

Junior & COH 1.10/1.20m - 1, Joanne Morton’s Tynnan Dominic Blue (Kathryn Morton); 2, Linda Buchanan s loughshore light of touch (Donal O’Connor); 3, Paul Boyle’s Delton (Lucy Morton); 4, Maeve McEvoy’s Charlton Chloe (Niamh McEvoy); 5, Lorna Moore’s Scooby Bee (Daniel Moore); 6, Caroline Gibson’s Castle Lux (Annie Gibson).