Winter League action at Lime Park

Sunday, November 12, saw the second show of the annual Winter League at Lime Park Equestrian.

Thursday, 23rd November 2017, 7:26 am
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 8:41 pm
Lucy Coulter secured two double clears on April

The day started well with plenty of beginners and followed on with the usual competitions with all being allowed to complete their two rounds of jumping, American Style.

With the newly painted, brightly coloured fences and a lovely flowing course built by Leslie Irvine, everyone had a great time. There were rosettes for all and their attendance being marked down to qualify for the final on December 3.

Competitors have to attend three shows out of four in the same competition each week and same horse/pony and rider combination to qualify for the final.

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Ellie McClean and George

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Beginners/Warm up: Zoe Spence – Poppy, Freya Whiten – Danny, Leah Wylie –Poppy, Shaw Walsh – Darcy, Bekki Fullerton – Flash, Jessica Fullerton – Herbie, Lydia Marie Close – May, Sarah Agnew – Paddy, Jude Foley – Blanco, Olga Petrova – Cookie, Emma Lennon – Jenny, Lauren Hanna – Honey, Nikita Crookshanks – Dilly, Emma McCartan – Buster, Hannah Frater - Coke.

50cms: Eden Foley – Blanco, Sarah Agnew- Paddy, Lauren Hanna- Honey, Emma Lennon – Jenny, Nikita Crookshanks – Dilly, Jessica Fullerton – Herbie, Vivien Andrews - Sarah’s Pebbles, Zoe Spence – Poppy, Leah Wylie – Poppy, Ellie Whithorn - Apache, Maddie Whithorn – Autumn, Hannah Frater – Coke, Hannah Jennison - Rick.

Double clears in 60cms were recorded by Lucy Coulter - April, Abbie McMillan - Show Case, Danielle Doyle - Maggy, and Ellie McClean - George.

60cms: Jess Vaughan – Sweetie, Abbie McMillan – show Case, Ellie McClean – George, Lucy Coulter – April, Danielle Doyle – Maggie.

70cms: Megan Camblin - Twinkle, Helen Bunting – Lola, David Agnew – Indiana, Sophie Watt – Teddy, Ellie McParland - Ed, Lucy Coulter – April, Carla Curran – Misty, Jamie Leigh Close – Ollie, Harry McMillan – Show Case.

80cms: Sophie Watt – TT, Megan Camblin – Twinkle, Abbie McMillan - Amber Rose, Hannah Jennison – Paddy, Hannah Corry – Trinny, Kelly McKee – Wendy, Sophie Moore – Cindy, Ella Heron – Judy, Ellie McClean – George, Jamie Leigh Close - Ollie.

90cms open: 1st, Ella Heron – Judy; 2nd, Ella Heron - Riley; 3rd, Sophie Hanna – Oreo Patches; 4th, Sophie Moore – Cindy; 5th, Hannah Constance – Lyric; 6th, Abbie McMillan – Amber Rose.

Ellie McClean and George

1.00m: Shannon McNally – Lyric, Kayleigh Hughes – Donnie Dawn.

1.10m: Hannah Constance – Lyric, Ella Heron – Riley.

Double clears in 60cms were recorded by Lucy Coulter - April, Abbie McMillan - Show Case, Danielle Doyle - Maggy, and Ellie McClean - George.