Belfast designer set for first Commonwealth Fashion Exchange at Buckingham Palace

Belfast fashion designer Chloe Dougan is celebrating after she was recently invited to the the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange in Buckingham Palace, during London Fashion Week.

Lisa loves to play around with makeup and purchase new products.

‘I never stop buying makeup - I have a dedicated beauty room!’

Local designer, blogger and creator Nor Lisa, who has worked in the fashion industry since she was just 17, reveals her makeup bag secrets.

Dr Margaret Ward,  visiting fellow at QUB and Laura McCorry, director of public engagement at National Museums NI

Museums celebrate 100 years since women won the vote

National Museums NI is launching a year-long programme of events to coincide with the centenary of women being granted the right to vote under the Representation of the People Act.

Through music, arts and crafts children can explore the world of museums

Playful Museums Festival on north coast

The Playful Museums Festival is returning to the Causeway Coast and Glens this month offering free fun activities for children.

Natalie says she loved her time on the show

Belfast contestant on ITV’s Take Me Out reveals her top beauty tips

Natalie, who is 28 from Belfast, was the body double for Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, is a fire breather and performs with the Fire Angels. She is also learning how to be a trapeze artist.

The Script

10 exciting things to do in Belfast and beyond

There are so many exciting events happening across the province this week.

Gilbert & George in front of some of their pictures at the MAC, Belfast

ARTS REVIEW: Gilbert & George tackle the taboo at the MAC

Artists Gilbert & George are masterful agents provocateurs, creating art that is confrontational, innovative, sometimes bizarre but always intriguing. The pair met in 1967 while studying advanced sculpture at St Martin’s School of Art in London and have worked together ever since, sometimes casting themselves as ‘living sculptures’ and describing their very existence as an elaborate and ongoing act of performance that constitues a unique work of art. The Singing Sculpture, their universally admired 1970 performance that made them famous, saw the duo pose as metal-faced android outsiders singing along to a record of the old music hall classic Underneath the Arches. They have also produced a vast body of pictures from sketches to collage and prints, always returning to provocative questions and issues from morality to cultural practices. This exhibition at the MAC - SCAPEGOATING PICTURES - sees the duo interrogate that base tendency to scapegoat or villify certain figures or groups, a practice that displays our troublesome capacity for being blinded by prejudice and the need to apportion blame. Gilbert & George are here asking why we need to create bogeymen and what are the consequences of sweeping social judgements. Here large pictures of collaged newspapers and signage are overlaid with imagery of both artists in their trim trademark suits, their faces and bodies alternately fractured or coloured, obsured by gimp masks or displayed as shattered against riotously busy backgrounds of veiled figures and strangers, empty canisters of nitrous oxide strangely appearing prominently throughout. Sometimes the images of the artists appear cartoon-like, elsewhere they are sinister and foreboding. Veiled figures point to current anxieties about the rise of violent Islam and Gilbert & George are clearly determined to interrogate how this prejudice or scapegoating of a particular ethnic group displays the fear and pejudice we often experience towards cultural otherness. The palette here is a riot of reds, yellows and stark, dramatic black and white lettering and shapes with the imagery often spliced and distorted, strange patterns emerging and the faces of the artists endlessly repositioned, shattered and reconfigured. Gilbert & George use distortions and complex layering of fragmented pictures to show us a world that is garish, cartoonish, threatening and sinister, empty canisters of nitrous oxide and veiled figures recurring to create freakish imagery that makes us uneasy, dizzy and uncertain. Why do we scapegoat certain people or groups? What does it mean to be culturally marginalised? This exhibition sees the infamous duo ponder such perennial questions in ways that are unsettling, baffling, characteristically absurd. One particularly prominent frieze is covered in all kinds of obscene directives that engage with our attitudes to race, sex and religion. Much of this is shocking and combative. But it leaves us questioning - how do we draw the lines between social propriety and immorality? Are we open-minded or prejudiced towards difference? In so far as it raises such perennial questions and asks us to think about how we impose judgement on others this is an important and engaging exhibition by two artists who dare to confront the taboo unflinchingly at every turn.


Sir Kenneth Branagh claims public arts funding is 'critical'

Sir Kenneth Branagh has said proper public funding of the arts is critical.

‘The serial killer isn’t on trial, he’s on the jury’

‘The serial killer isn’t on trial, he’s on the jury’

Lisburn author Steven Canvanagh, has just published the latest instalment in his ‘Eddie Flynn’ series, much to the delight of the many fans of the con man turned lawyer.

Brendan will be dancing ‘all night long’ at the Waterfront

Brendan will be dancing ‘all night long’ at the Waterfront

Brendan Cole will be dancing onto the stage of the Waterfront Hall in Belfast on March 28 and 29 with his dance spectacular All Night Long.

Pacemaker Press Belfast 15-01-2018:  Strictly Come Dancing's charismatic Brendan Cole takes to the stage at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast to wow audiences with his latest spectacular production, All Night Long. Brendan is joined by his sensational cast of guest dancers, pictured with the Newsletters Julie-Ann.
Picture By: Arthur Allison.

Strictly star Brendan Cole set to dance into Ulster

The so called ‘bad boy’ of Strictly Come Dancing, Brendan Cole, waltzed into Belfast last week for a chat about his new stage show, which is coming to the Waterfront Hall in March.

Licensing laws in NI have come under scrutiny again

Licensing laws: NI remains ‘oasis in the desert’ says minister

A presbyterian minister has said he is happy for Northern Ireland to be living in the past, amid calls to update its “antiquated” licensing laws.


FIRST LOOK: West Coast Cooler’s Belfast FASHIONWEEK launch

Cathy Martin and her team wowed with some seriously showstopping looks at the launch of West Coast Cooler’s Belfast FASHIONWEEK Spring/ Summer 2018 launch on Thursday.

Rebecca is a familiar voice to many in Northern Ireland

Radio presenter Rebecca McKinney reveals her makeup bag secrets

Popular radio presenter and style guru Rebecca McKinney chats makeup and beauty with Kathryn McKenna.

Harriet and Guy Pringle - played by Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh

BBC celebrates Sir Kenneth Branagh’s career with special one-off screening

As part of city-wide celebrations to mark Sir Kenneth being made a Freeman of Belfast, BBC Northern Ireland is delving into the archive for a one-off special screening.

Theatre and Comedy
Chloe Dougan

Award winning Belfast Fashion designer Chloe Dougan reveals her beauty secrets

Belfast based Fashion designer Chloe Dougan is well known for her edgy and feminine collections, and lists leathers, suedes and lace as her favourite fabrics to work with.

Rachel is pictured at her table with Kendall Jenner and style editor of, Edward Barsamian

Northern Ireland designer Shauna Fay steals the show with stunning Golden Globes gown

Kathryn McKenna talks to County Down based designer Shauna Fay, whose specially designed dress made a sensational appearance at the glittering Golden Globe awards this week - and was complimented by the world’s leading supermodels and Vogue editors alike.

Children take part in a Muddy Puddle Walk to raise money for Save the Children's life-saving work.

Your guide to the best 10 things to enjoy in Belfast and beyond

Check out our definitive guide of what’s on in Belfast and beyond this week to beat the January blues.

Katie wearing Gipsy Bum Tum and Thigh 100 Opaque Shaper Black Tights, �9.99, available from

When it comes to tights, should we scrimp or splurge?

Is it worth splurging the cash on expensive tights for winter? Katie Wright puts three different price points to the test to find out...

Rebekah Shirley, former Miss NI 2014, reveals her beauty secrets

Former Miss NI and beauty blogger Rebekah Shirley reveals her top beauty tips

Ballymoney stunner Rebekah Shirley was crowned the 2014 Miss Northern Ireland winner.

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