‘Beauty Queen and Single showed me less is more’

Former Miss Ireland, TV's Beauty Queen and Single star, popular model at CMPR and full time pharmacist, Rebecca Maguire

In this week’s My Makeup Bag feature, Kathryn McKenna catches up with former Miss Ireland, TV’s Beauty Queen and Single star, popular model at CMPR and full time pharmacist, Rebecca Maguire.

“I’m a full time pharmacist, so most days I am working in the pharmacy, I tend to wear virtually no make up,” Rebecca, from Belfast, reveals.

Popular model and full time pharmacist, Rebecca Maguire.

“After taking part in the TV shows Beauty Queen and Single, I realised after watching the show that we don’t need to wear as much makeup, and I much prefer the natural look day to day now rather than a lot of makeup.

“When I am modelling my face doesn’t get a break, so ‘normal working’ days give my face a break.

“For my everyday makeup, when I wear it, I would begin with MAC under eye concealer, plus Studiofix foundation mixed with No.7 instant radiance which gives your skin a nice glow and makes the foundation lighter!

“I use No.7 Perfect and Protect on my lips and throw on a little mascara on my lashes and bronzer on my cheekbones and that’s me! If I am in the mood I like to use nude eye shadows or the same bronzer for the creases of my eyelids, and use a little liquid liner to flick it out.

“I’d prefer an extra 15 minutes in bed in the mornings, so I have this routine perfected to 10 minutes max!

“I tend to use MAC concealer and foundation because you can get it anywhere, and I tend to travel quite a bit and I am known to lose/forget things sometimes.

“I also really like Make Up Forever products, especially their shadows which are really pigmented. I discovered these modelling at Belfast Fashion Week and now get these from Paddy McGurgan’s Make Up Pro store. NYX is a great alternative, at a more reasonable price point to fill your kit.

“I’m friendly with blogger-turned-make up brand Suzanne Jackson, and I always use her SoSue contour palette for nights out as the cream and powder duo have a lovely colour, plus they stay on really well.

“I tend to stick to what I know day to day, but if I was going to an event or a big night out I would tend to book an appointment with Paddy in the Make Up Pro Store because the makeup is always amazing and Paddy knows my face from working with him so much over the years since I started modelling with Cathy Martin’s CMPR Models agency.

“The make up is always fab and it takes the stress out of doing your own make up when you know you will be photographed.

“If I had to choose one ‘go-to’ beauty item, my favourite product is a really affordable one - it’s the Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze, which is a gradual tan moisturiser. Apart from local brand He-Shi, it is the only gradual tan I have ever used and it smells amazing. I always like to keep a natural looking glow, and it never transfers which is important when we walk in BFW or any other shows! I cant afford to replace a tan-stained MaxMara coat and don’t want to be held responsible for any dry cleaning bills!

“I love to use lashes to change my look, I have invested in the ‘LEI LASH MINK’ lashes which are real hair and reusable. They are amazing, and at £25 a pair, a proper investment. A cheaper alternative which I also use are the SoSue lashes in ‘GiGi’ - they are very light and easy to use.”

Beauty Queen and Single is available now to watch on catchup via BBC iPlayer.

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