Beauty Review: Belfast’s Radiance Beauty & Day Spa creates bespoke skin care range

Proprietor Christine Mackin is pictured with the team from Radiance Beauty & Day Spa

Belfast-based Radiance Beauty & Day Spa has particular reason to celebrate this month, following the expansion of its Upper Lisburn Road premises, and the launch of its own signature skincare product range.

Last week, it celebrated with a ‘Cocktails and Canapés’ evening, during which guests were treated to live music and entertainment, product demonstrations, free skin scanning and consultations, guest speakers and exclusive giveaways, all set within the newly renovated salon.

Radiance Hydrate Hyaluronic Acid Serum on display during the launch night

Radiance is a results driven skin care collection, which has been carefully formulated using clinically proven, highly active ingredients. These products are paraben free, contain no animal by-products and are not tested on animals.

The collection has been designed, developed and produced by a team of dermatologists, scientists and pharmacists to ensure it is among the best in its field. The products target the different skin concerns commonly experienced by men and women, with products tailored to suit all skin types.

I went along for a Skin Fitness Assessment, which includes a skin scanning and consultation in which your overall skin health is revealed, alongside information on which Radiance products would be best suited to you in order to deliver effective all-over skin fitness.

I had my consultation with attentive therapist Angela Diamond, who was able to check my level of skin dryness, fine lines, oiliness, sun damage and breakouts by taking five images with a special machine which examines the skin up close. Angela and her fellow trained therapists are able to identify any issues and recommend the best course of treatment, before following up with a targeted facial.

Tiffany Brien attends the launch of the new skin care range at Radiance

Having long opted for a ‘quick and easy’ attitude towards my skincare routine for many years, Angela was quickly able to identify where I was going wrong.

After being politely remonstrated for relying on makeup wipes every night to remove my makeup (due to my desire for time efficiency resulting in me growing increasingly delinquent with my routine), Angela explained how badly this strips the skin of its nutrients.

“Particularly if skin is combination type and therefore already susceptible to build up, the combination of stripping the skin with harsh makeup wipes, then clogging the pores straight away with mosturiser before going to bed doesn’t allow the skin to breathe and leaves it prone to breakouts,” Angela explained.

I was given an in-depth explanation on what products from the range I should be using, why and when - which left my former beauty routine looking decidedly paltry.

'Radiance' is a results driven skin care collection.

Angela recommended I use the Radiance Prepare, Soothing Natural Daily Cleanser both morning and evening, in order to cleanse dead skin and toxins naturally. This anti-ageing cleanser also also contains jojoba oil which has been clinically proven to have beneficial antioxident and skin softening properties.

Following this, I should rejuvenate with the Stimulating Daily Active Serum which contains the natural clinically proven AHA, glycolic acid to gently remove the build-up of dead skin cells, increasing cell turnover to reveal new fresh, younger looking skin whilst effectively controlling breakouts, reducing pigmentation and fine lines.

Next, I must protect my skin with SPF 20 Daily Mosturiser and which provides all day hydration and finish with C10 Professional Strength Vitamin C Serum. The advanced signature serum uses scientific and evidence based formulas, offering daily antioxident protection. Angela added that C 10 contains stabilized L-asorbic acid, a form of Vitamin C which is easily and quickly absored by the skin for greater potency.

I was advised to apply the Vitamin C Serum before makeup as it works brilliantly as a primer, working hard to keep makeup intact whilst maintaining that coveted flawless dewy glow.

Belfast-based Radiance Beauty & Day Spa has particular reason to celebrate this month, following the expansion of its Upper Lisburn Road premises, and the launch of its own signature skincare product range.

At night, I simply need to cleanse using the Radiance Prepare Sooting Natural Daily Cleanser and massage the skin with Reveal Glycolic Wash before rinsing with warm water and patting dry. This is followed by the Professional Strength Vitamin C Serum to work wonders overnight.

Having tried this last night, my skin already felt more polished, and I awoke this morning to already brighter skin. Having dutifully cleansed, rejuvenated and applied my new Radiance C-10 as primer, my skin feels cleaner, more firm, and fresh for the day.

“Vitamin C performs a variety of functions within the skin, including stimulating new collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, protecting the skin from environmental pollutants with its antioxidant properties, helping reduce visible discolorations on the skin and providing enhanced protection against UV exposure,” Angela informed me.

“The skin does not produce Vitamin C on its own - even if our body takes in plenty, so it is important that we add it for that special glow and brightness.”

And despite the fact that I now understand and can cater specifically to my exact individual skin care demands, my new beauty routine will remain time sensitive - working hard all day and night despite taking just minutes to perform.

Christine Mackin, proprietor of Radiance Beauty & Day Spa explains, “As a busy business owner and working mum, I am continuously multitasking, which leaves me with very little time to look after my skin. Good skin health is important to me but I need something which is quick, and fits in with my busy working life.

Radiance is a results driven skin care collection, which has been carefully formulated using clinically proven, highly active ingredients.

“As a qualified therapist working in the beauty industry, an educator and clinic owner, I found most skincare brands involved the laborious application of multiple products, involving long rituals. This led me to create and develop Radiance skincare, a clinically proven range of products with multiple active ingredients, tailor made for different skin types.

“I put my products through their paces so they can provide multiple benefits, while working hard all day long, like I do. Just five minutes in the morning, and five minutes in the evening is all it takes to keep me looking and feeling my best.”

Meanwhile, the expanded salon boasts 11 treatment rooms, make-up and skin bar, a hair salon and nail bar and with a top range of treatments and packages on offer – including ‘celebrity favourites.’

Radiance Beauty & Day Spa chosen charity outlet is the Northern Ireland Hospice and has made the decision to donate 5% of all future profits from the Radiance skincare line to them.

Radiance Skin care ranges from £30 for the Prepare Cleanse, up to £45 for the Recover Healing Night Cream.

Radiance Beauty & Day Spa is located at 80 Upper Lisburn Rd.

Visit for more information. You can also receive updates on Facebook at: Radiance Beauty & Day Spa.

Cathy Martin presents at the launch of the new skin care range and expansion of Radiance

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